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Up close with LG’s OLED M wireless TV and the other impressive new OLED products

Tech Guide took a hands-on look at the LG OLED M – the new wireless TV that has been one of the standout products of the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show.

LG is also celebrating 10 years of OLED and this year the format continues to be quite versatile with several different uses that we saw demonstrated on the LG Booth at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

From the entrance of the LG booth at CES, you’re confronted with more than 260 OLED panels that are bent and curved to form a stunning entrance.

Inside we saw the OLED M wireless TV front and centre which was attracting a lot of interest from show attendees.

The only cable running into the OLED M is the power cable which means you have a lot more freedom determining where to place the TV in your home and if you want to wall mount it.

The main circuitry and sources of the TV are in the Connect Box which is about 25cm long and 20cm high.

On the back of the box are all your inputs and USB ports as well as the aerial connection.

Between the box and the TV is a proprietary signal only shared between the two devices.

It doesn’t use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth so there’s no risk of any interference or degradation in quality.

The signal is strong enough to provide 4K at a 120Hz and it’s even smart enough to instantly find clearer paths between the box and the TV if people or pets walking across the room.

On top of the box is an antenna which can be rotated in the direction of the TV for a stronger signal.

LG says the box needs to be in the open, rather than inside an entertainment unit or cupboard to ensure the clearest possible signal.

The LG OLED M will be available in 77-inch, 83-inch and 97-inches sizes.

“OLED is such an amazing format of a TV,” says Tony Brown, LG Australia, head of home entertainment marketing.

“The picture quality is stunning with the perfect blacks – and for 10 years we’ve been innovating and making that better and better.

“You can roll it you, can make it transparent; you can bend it. We are starting to see that really coming to life now in 2023.

“We’ve been doing this for 10 years – we’ve been the world’s No 1 OLED brand for that amount of time and we’ve got better and better.

“We’re up to 11th generation screens and the picture quality has been perfected over that time.”

LG this year released the OLED Transparent – a regular looking full HD OLED panel to watch your content but at the press of a button the panel turns into a window – it’s completely transparent.

This might be suitable for a customer who has a view they don’t want to interrupt or perhaps located the TV in the centre of an open plan living space.

LG has also moved into the lifestyle TV space with OLED with the LG Pose – a stand-alone 65-inch TV that rests on its own stand.

Even from the back the TV looks clean and uncluttered and has a small shelf to store the remote control.

The LG OLED flex is the ultimate demonstration of OLED’s flexibility and versatility.

This stunning gaming monitor allows the user to choose whether they would prefer to have a flat screen or a curved screen.

There are 20 levels of curvature so the user can decide if they want to be surrounded for their fantasy game or switch to flat to watch TV.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas with support from Samsung, LG, Hisense and ASUS.