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Telstra to activate Foxtel on T-Box on June 26

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Foxtel on Telstra’s T-Box will be activated next week with customers being able to access to up to 43 channels

The service will be streamed from June 26 through the T-Box’s broadband connection unmetered for Bigpond customers.

The Foxtel starter service begins at $19.50 per month for 11 channels with sports, entertainment and movie add-on packages also available for $10 and $15 each. 

The roll-out of the Foxtel service on T-Box will be offered first to Bigpond cable  customers and then extended to ADSL customers in the coming months.

Telstra’s T-Box can already receive free-to-air terrestrial broadcasts through its dual digital high definition tuners and users are able to record, pause and rewind live TV.

Foxtel on T-Box has programs which can be viewed "on-demand"

There are also seven Bigpond internet channels and access to Bigpond movies which allows users to rent recent release movies from their couch.

Foxtel on T-Box adds even more entertainment options to the T-Box package.

Foxtel on T-Box is standard definition only and it will not be possible to record any of the Foxtel programs.

The Get Started pack ($19.50 per month) has 11 channels including Fox 8, MTV, Nickelodeon, Discovery, National Geographic Channel, Channel [V] and Lifestyle You.

Viewers can add the Sport pack ($10) which adds four channels to the package – Fox Sports Play, ESPN and Fuel TV.

The Entertainment ($15) pack will stream an additional 11 channels like The Comedy Channel, Disney, Sci-Fi and UK TV.

Movie Network ($15) consists of two streaming movie channels – Movie One and Movie Two plus Catch Up movies from eight movie channels including Starpics, FMC, and Movie Greats.

Foxtel on T-Box is an affordable pay TV package

Showtime Movies ($15) adds another two streaming movie channels – Showcase and Showtime Premiere – along with Catch Up movies from Showtime Comedy, Showtime Action, and Showtime Family.

None of the movies on Foxtel on T-Box are new release films but is a collection of library titles.  The sports package doesn’t offers any major live sports like rugby league or AFL.

Apart from watching the live streaming Foxtel channel, T-Box customers also have access to on-demand content from those same channels.

This partly makes up for the fact programs cannot be recorded because viewers are able to pick and choose from recent content to view at their leisure.

Foxtel on T-Box customers are not locked into lengthy contracts for the streaming service and can add and remove packages month to month using a handy online portal.

“Three out of four T-Box customers are families so we designed the new Foxtel service with value for money, quality home entertainment, and flexibility at the top of the list,” say J-B Rousselot, Telstra’s executive director of media.

“The flexibility of no long term commitments with the Foxtel packages means our customers can have more control over their entertainment and the family budget.”

Foxtel on T-Box is available as part of a Telstra home bundle and can be added to an existing bundle.

The Telstra T-Box will now have access to Foxtel Pay TV channels

Telstra customers who take up the new Complete Home Bundle can add Foxtel on T-Box to their package and receive a $10 discount so viewers can start watching Foxtel for as little as an extra $9.50 a month.

Foxtel Executive Director of Product & Sales, Patrick Delany said: “Making Foxtel’s channels available to Telstra T-Box customers is another way for viewers to watch our premium programming without the need for a Foxtel set-top-box.

“It’s simple to sign up online and start watching streaming TV. The Foxtel on T-Box TV packages are incredibly flexible and offer Catch Up TV so you can watch your favourite shows when it suits you.”

Foxtel on T-Box will be available to Australian metro residential users and is not available in Tasmania or the Northern Territory.