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Tech Guide has landed in Las Vegas for CES

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Tech Guide has landed in Las Vegas to bring you the latest news and announcements from the Consumer Electronics Show.

All of the major consumer tech companies in the world are gathering to unveil the products we’ll be using in 2012 and the years to come.

Some of the biggest consumer electronics products were introduced to the world at CES over the years including the VCR, compact disc, DVD, the original Xbox and Blu-ray.  

CES was first held in New York in June 1967 before moving to Las Vegas in 1978.

Some of the new products unveiled at the show include the VCR (1970), LaserDisc  (1974), Atari’s Pong game (1975), Camcorder (1981), Compact Disc (1981), Commodore 64 computer (1982), Nintendo Entertainment System (1985), DVD (1996), High Definition TV (1998), DVR (Digital Video Recorder) (1999), Xbox (2001), HD DVD (2004), Blu-ray Disc (2004), 3D TV (2009), Smart TV (2011).

Preparations for CES 2012 are underway.

Early tomorrow morning (Aust time) is CES Press Day when the show’s heavyweights – LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Sony – reveal their new products.

All of the product announcements will be covered right here on Tech Guide along with reports from the show floor, hands-on product demos and interviews.


The CES show floor in 2011

The show, which is held at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, is attended my more than 150,000 people including exhibitors, industry analysts, retailers and press.

Check back with Tech Guide everyday for all the latest CES news.

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