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TCL’s 2021 range of TVs will include Google TV on-demand video service


TV manufacturer TCL has unveiled a series of Google TVs which will combine the latest technologies like Mini LED, 8K and QLED with Google’s on-demand video service so customers can watch the latest content on high quality screens.

The partnership with Google coincides with the release of TCL’s high performance’s new Mini LED technology.

“The introduction of TCL Google TV to the market takes our partnership with Google to the next level,” says TCL Australia General Manager of Sales Jason Carrick.

“This comes off the back of our award-winning and highly successful 2020 launch of our X10 Mini-LED series and reinforces our commitment to transforming televisions into smart living ecosystems.”

TCL C825 Mini LED TV


TCL’s new 4K Mini LED TV – the C825 – has thousands of light control units works with full array, ultra-high targeted regional brightness adjustment to improve colour and contrast.

The C825 also includes Quantum Dot display technology which combines light and colour and more precise light control.

Also onboard the TCL C825 is Dolby Vision HDR (high dynamic range) which helps produce vivid picture quality while Dolby Vision IQ can dynamically adjust to the changing light conditions to optimise the viewing experience.

Gamers can also enjoy the 120Hx low reverse display plus variable refresh rate (VRR) automatic low latency mode (ALLM), enhanced audio return channel (eARC) and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity which all combine to offer low input lag, smoother graphics and better sound.



The TCL C725 brings Quantum Dot display technology to the next level and offers excellent value for customers who want a smart high quality home entertainment solution.

The C725 achieves near 100 per cent ultra-high colour gamut while Dolby Vision comes into play to create a stunning vivid picture.

The C725 AiPQ Engine can also offer real time optimization to ensure the best possible picture quality depending on the different entertainment or content genres being viewed.

Viewers can also enjoy streaming content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and Movie, Disney+ and more.


The TCL P725 might be the most affordable TV in the range but it still offers flagship features like Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos to deliver high dynamic range, incredible brightness, contrast, colour and detail.

The CMR motion picture processing ensures crisper and clearer and more stable image performance especially when viewing fast moving action packed scenes and sport.