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Take a tour of the LG booth at CES 2020 to see new OLED TVs and smart products


Tech Guide has taken a hands-on tour of the LG booth at CES 2020 where we got up close to the new 4K and 8K OLED TVs and the next generation processor behind them.

Starting at the Wave – the 200 55-inch OLED panels at the booth entrance – we also take a look at the various new OLED designs including the OLED R roll-up TV, the Wallpaper OLED and the new Gallery OLED.

We also check out the new AI features which can improve picture quality in real time and the new Filmmaker mode which has been supported by Hollywood’s biggest directors.

Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech also takes a look at the smart products and appliances in the LG booth including a smart door that has room for all of your packages and grocery home deliveries.

There’s even an indoor garden and a fridge that can make craft ice that looks great in your drink and is slow to melt.

Take a look at the video of our LG Booth tour at CES 2020.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas with support from LG, Samsung and Hisense.