Modern technology gives us many things.

Take a look at Samsung’s Serif TV – the 4K QLED TV that’s designed to stand out

There are televisions and then there are lifestyle televisions, and Samsung’s The Serif TV is well and truly in the lifestyle category.

The Serif is the polar opposite of a regular flatscreen TV, it merges both style in design and stunning picture quality.

A regular TV is fine if you want it to blend into the background or mount it on a wall.

But The Serif TV is designed = to be noticed – and noticed it was.

When we had it set up at our place everyone who looked at it was asking about it and wanted to know more.

The reason The Serif is such an eye-catcher is the design which sets itself apart from other TVs.

Side on the Serif looks a capital “I”, so it actually forms a shelf top and bottom, turning it into a statement piece. It was designed by the French Bouroullec brothers who are globally renowned for their design skills and have created everything from furniture and art objects to ceramics and urban projects.

The Serif sits on legs and can stand alone, allowing you the freedom to place it virtually anywhere in your living space.

It’s as much a stylish piece of furniture as it is a TV.

And it looks good at any angle so you can really use your imagination when deciding where to place it in your home.

And if you did want to rest the TV on an entertainment unit, The Serif is stable without its legs screwed into the base resting on the surface.

And to be clear the TV screen is a 4K QLED TV, using Samsung’s  Quantum Dot Technology to deliver stunning colours and deep blacks.

There’s also support for HDR10+ so your 4K content is going to look amazing whether you’re watching a disc or streaming on Netflix.

It also has a 120Hz refresh rate so watching sport and action movies and any other high energy content is going to look smooth as silk.

The Serif is running Samsung’s Tizen operating system which puts all your content and connections at your fingertips and is easy to navigate.

And it also has a number of top-shelf tech features.

In fact, the top shelf of The Serif is where you can place your Android device and take advantage of NFC (near field communication) so you can instantly stream your music and other content.[1]

So, don’t for a minute think that despite the difference in looks and design that you’re not getting the same high-quality sound and immersive entertainment experience of other Samsung TVs. It filled the room with quality sound, and could very easily also be your source for playing music around the home.

The Samsung Serif TV 65-inch

It’s already available in 43-inch and 55-inch sizes but the new 65-inch model has just been unveiled

It has the same design and the same appeal – but it now comes with an even bigger screen.

And despite its generous size it is still subtle and attractive without taking over the entire room.

The Serif looks good whether it’s turned on or switched off just on the strength of its impressive look.

But with Ambient Mode, The Serif can also blend into your surroundings when you’re not watching a movie or TV show.

Users get the choice of displaying a clock, patterns or breathtaking images and beautiful graphics.

There are also exclusive patterns created for Ambient Mode on The Serif from the TV’s designers the Bouroullec brothers.

These screen savers look stunning thanks to the screen’s 4K resolution so The Serif can turn your home into a gallery as well.

The Serif not only has the looks but also the smarts to back it up.

You can stream from the most popular streaming services and free-to-air catch up apps.

Users can also access Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa so you can ask to find content and control the TV with your voice.

It’s also possible to control compatible smart devices in your home like lights, switches and security cameras using The Serif’s Smart Things dashboard.[2]

The Serif works with AirPlay 2 so you can stream and share content from your Apple devices.

Smartphones can also be mirrored to The Serif so you can share your photos and other content on the gorgeous 4K screen.[3]

The Serif is a TV for customers who want to think outside the box and who want to impress their friends with their great taste.

It will definitely get the conversation started.

The Serif 65-inch is priced at $2,699.

[1] Only supported by Android OS-based smartphones that support Near Field Communication (NFC) wireless information sharing.

[2] SmartThings works with select compatible IoT devices. See for compatible devices. SmartThings

[3] Feature is available on Android 6.0 and higher mobile devices that support Mirror Casting.

The editorial was sponsored by Samsung