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Sonos launches its latest Beam soundbar with support for Dolby Atmos

Sonos has announced its new Beam compact smart soundbar for TV, music and gaming which now offers support for Dolby Atmos and other new audio formats to create an even more immersive sound experience.

The second-generation Beam will be available globally on October 6 and will be priced at $699. Pre-orders are available now at
Sonos has also announced plans to offer both Ultra HD and Dolby Atmos music later this year via Amazon Music so listeners can enjoy the highest quality streaming music and immersive 3D audio.

“We often talk about ‘Hollywood at Home’ being a real catalyst for our business, and Beam has played a huge part in this as one of the top-selling soundbars in its category,” said Patrick Spence, Sonos CEO.

“Taking what we’ve learned over the years about great listening and home theatre, we’ve found a way to bring new features and significantly better sound to Beam, all in the same compact size that has proven extremely popular with customers.”

Beam now supports Dolby Atmos so customers can enjoy panoramic sound from all directions and make that home cinema experience even better.

Dolby Atmos is compatible with more than 100 streaming services available in the Sonos app so users can expect noticeable improvements.

3D audio with Dolby Atmos puts you in the centre of the action so you can hear sounds coming over your head and around you.

Beam has more processing power on board and includes newly-developed phased speaker arrays to steer and localise sound around the room.

The speakers are also compatible with HDMI eARC on your TV so you can experience your favourite movies and games in higher definition sound thanks to its support of new audio formats.

On the design side, Beam has an updated polycarbonate grill that allows the speaker to sound great and yet still blend seamlessly into your home.

Setup is really easy with just two cables and new NFC (near field communication) capabilities which will have you listening in minutes.

simply follow the instructions from the Sonos app and tap your phone to beam.

Being a Sonos product, Beam has been tuned with the input of the Sonos Soundboard to deliver an authentic sound experience.

It’s also possible to fine tune Beam’s sound with TruePlay which detects and adapts the speaker’s sound and optimises it for your room.

Later this year, Sonos will support Amazon music’s ultra-high definition audio so listeners can hear tracks in lossless audio up to 24bit / 48kHz through their Sonos speakers.

They will also be able to hear Dolby Atmos music – a new audio format that breaks the regular left and right stereo recordings and puts you in the centre of the song.

Beam generation two will be available on October 6 for $699 from and participating retailers.