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Samsung shares its exciting vision for our connected future at CES

Samsung has revealed its vision of true connected living at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas which the company says will be powered by artificial intelligence, the internet of things and 5G connectivity.

These are the building block to deliver Samsung’s vision for the connected lifestyle that’s been spoken about for years but that is finally becoming a reality.

Samsung in 2019 will also be celebrating its 50thanniversary.

“2019 is Samsung Electronics 50th anniversary, and for the last five decades, we’ve been committed to bringing meaningful innovations to consumers everywhere,” said HS Kim, President and CEO of Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung Electronics.

“In 2019, we’re taking things to the next level, and leveraging our industry leadership to make our vision of Connected Living a reality.”

At CES, Samsung also unveiled its line-up of 8K TVs which includes a massive 98-inch QLED model to go alongside the 65-inch, 75-inch, 82-inch and 85-inch models.

Powered by the new Quantum Processor 8K chip, the new 8K TVs deliver stunning picture quality while offering the signature Samsung design and quality.

And the new AI-powered upscaling feature can take any content and bring it up to near 8K quality.

AI will also be used to help search for content and connect the TVs to other compatible devices in your home.

Samsung’s 2019 smart TVs will also be the only televisions to offer the iTunes Movies and TV Shows app to connect your iTunes library and access the world’s largest catalogue of 4G HDR movies.

Samsung sees the backbone of the connectivity to be the Intelligence of Things – IoT, 5G and AI working in harmony.

The SmartThings app and the SmartThings Cloud, wholly owned subsidiaries of Samsung, are now in prime position with the number of SmartThings users growing by 220 per cent and app installing increasing by 61 per cent.

The number of partners in the SmartThings open ecosystem has also grown by 44 per cent and now includes global brands like Google, Amazon and Bose.

Samsung is also leveraging its telecommunications leadership to bring 5G connectivity to customers as well as holding more than 2,000 5G essential patents.

The Samsung Notebook 9

AI is the other crucial part of the solution which Samsung sees as the way to simplify what has become a complex world.

Bixby, the intelligent assistant that was introduced on Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones, will also have a larger role to play and support even more devices, appliances and the latest Samsung TVs.

Uber and Ticketmaster are just two of the companies that are already using Bixby to enhance their services.

In the home, the Family Hub 2019 refrigerator will be more intelligent than ever with Family Board that will offer a redesigned screen experience.

The new Bixby will allow even easier conversational communication with users able to use their voice to do things like pre-heat their oven, search for recipes and call an Uber.

Bixby can also show you information on a screen for a richer experience.

Samsung’s new front load washer can get through a full load in just 30 minutes with the SuperSpeed feature.

And you can control its smart features with Bixby and get recommendations for the best wash cycle, schedule your wash to be completed by a certain time and automatically connect to the dryer cycle when the wash is done.

Samsung smarts in the connected car

Samsung also unveiled the Notebook 9 Pro which has been designed for users who want to stay productive and connected on the move.
The new Samsung 27-inch Space Monitor has a sleek and minimalist design and can be pushed back to sit flat against the wall to reclaim your desk space.

On the connected driving front, Samsung is also involved with the latest developments through Harman (which is owned by Samsung) in its automotive technology which includes the Digital Cockpit 2019 – an enhanced and connected in-car experience.

Bixby is also involved here and can do things like recognise the driver and passengers through built-in cameras and set up the cockpit accordingly with seat adjustments, lighting and entertainment as well as remotely checking if you have enough fuel for a long journey.

Samsung is also deeply involved in robotic and highlighted its offerings at the CES press conference which includes Bot Care, which helps consumers manage their daily health needs.

There is also Bot Air – a mobile air freshener, Bot Retail which can assist customers in stores and GEMS – a robotic harness that can help patients with mobility and offer a new training method for athletes.

* Tech Guide travelled to Las Vegas with support from LG, Samsung and Hisense.