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Samsung reveals pricing and availability of 2022 Neo QLED and Lifestyle TV ranges


Samsung has announced the pricing and availability of its 2022 line-up of Neo QLED and Lifestyle TVs and responded to customer demands for larger screen sizes and improved picture and audio quality.

Samsung says the 75-inch size is now the most popular with 85-inch growing fast and this has been reflected in the 2022 range which more 75-inch and 85-inch models than ever before.

Samsung’s new TV range introduces new technologies to provide incredible colour and brightness and crisp lifelike pictures which can be enjoyed even in bright rooms – typical of Australian living conditions.

Samsung’s new TV’s and accessories will be available from March 16.

“The innovations Samsung brings to its range in 2022 allows Australians to have not just a TV, but a customisable and personalised screen that can be used to showcase and purchase art, experience content, work, play and connect with their favourite people,” says Samsung Electronics Vice President of Consumer Electronics, Jeremy Senior.

The new Samsung TV range includes 4K and 8K Neo QLED TVs and award-winning lifestyle TVs which focus on seamlessly merging technology with design.

The Samsung Neo QLED TVs are powered by the Neo Quantum Processor which does the heavy lifting in providing stunning picture technology and high sound quality for a complete home entertainment experience.

This year’s TV line-up introduces new Shape Adaptive Light technology that makes use of the processor’s powerful AI algorithms which can analyse shapes, lines and surfaces and control the shape of light produced from the Quantum Mini LED backlight.

The result is even higher accuracy of shapes and maximised brightness.

This also unlocks the enhanced 14-bit HDR (high dynamic range) processing which is four times better than last year’s Neo QLED grayscale levels to produce the most accurate image ever seen on a Samsung TV.

Another new feature is Real Depth Enhancer which is another multi-intelligence algorithm that creates a higher sense of realism by determining and processing primary objects on the screen against the background to increase the sense of depth.

The Samsung 2022 Neo QLED TVs also optimise the screen’s brightness and tone based on the lighting conditions of the room which is determined via a built-in light sensor and sunrise/sunset information.

This means as the ambient light changes during the day, the amount of light the screen produces becomes warmer while gradually reducing the blue light levels at the same time for a more comfortable viewing experience as the evening progresses.

On the audio side, the Neo QLED TVs have also seen a major upgrade.

The OTS (object tracking sound) has gone to the next level with the ability to direct sound to move around the room to match the objects on the screen.

And now OTS has support for Dolby Atmos making the new Samsung TVs the first to support Dolby Atmos with upward and side firing speakers built into the TV to provide a three-dimensional sound without any additional speakers and peripherals.


The Samsung 2022 Smart TV’s have a new Smart Hub that provides easy navigation and curation of your content.

This updated operating system will allow users to discover new content available on their favourite streaming services including Netflix, Paramount+, Disney+ and local favourites like Stan, Kayo and Binge.

Also on board is Samsung TV Plus which includes a variety of free streaming TV channels including news, sport, entertainment and more.

Samsung’s TVs also include smart calibration which makes it possible to calibrate the screens using a compatible smartphone camera in as little as 30 seconds while professional mode can optimise the screen for stunning picture quality in about 10 minutes.


Samsung’s new range of lifestyle TV’s – The Frame, The Sero and The Serif – all feature anti-glare matte displays with anti-reflection anti-fingerprint properties.

The Frame provides a realistic art viewing experience when you’re not watching TV with sizes ranging from 32-inch now all the way up to 85-inch.

The Frame

The Serif, which has its own stand and iconic design, is now available in sizes up to 65-inch.

And The Sero, which includes a new matte display which can be viewed in both vertical and horizontal modes, will now be available in both blue and white colour variants.

One new accessory available to customers is the Auto Rotating Wall Mount and stand which makes compatible TVs watchable in landscape and portrait mode just like The Sero lifestyle TV.

And to complement this accessory, the Smart Hub will automatically adjust to the new vertical multi-view mode.

Users will also easily be able to mirror their mobile device and cast content to the screens while they are in vertical mode.


Samsung’s soundbars have also been improved with the range now including a world first wireless True Dolby Atmos experience.

There are 10 new soundbars in the line-up with a new design and technical improvements to improve the audio quality.

The flagship Q990B has 11.1.4 channel surround sound including one subwoofer, four upfiring channels and two wireless rear speakers for an immersive Dolby Atmos and DTS:X experience.

The 2022 soundbar line-up has also improved Q Symphony which allows the soundbar to be used in conjunction with the TV’s built-in speakers to create up to 22 channels of Dolby Atmos sound.

The Samsung 2022 TV and soundbar range is below:

Series SKU RRP
QA85QN900BWXXY 85” QN900B $11,999
QA75QN900BWXXY 75” QN900B $7,999
QA65QN900BWXXY 65” QN900B $5,799
QA85QN800BWXXY 85” QN800B $8,499
QA75QN800BWXXY 75” QN800B $6,199
QA65QN800BWXXY 65” QN800B $4,699
QA75QN95BAWXXY 75” QN95B $5,499
QA65QN95BAWXXY 65” QN95B $4,299
QA55QN95BAWXXY 55” QN95B $3,299
QA85QN90BAWXXY 85” QN90B $6,999
QA75QN90BAWXXY 75” QN90B $4,999
QA65QN90BAWXXY 65” QN90B $3,899
QA55QN90BAWXXY 55” QN90B $2,999
QA50QN90BAWXXY 50” QN90B $2,299
QA43QN90BAWXXY 85” QN90B $1,899
QA85QN85BAWXXY 85” QN85B $6,299
QA75QN85BAWXXY 75” QN85B $4,499
QA65QN85BAWXXY 65” QN85B $3,499
QA55QN85BAWXXY 55” QN85B $2,699
QA85Q80BAWXXY 85” Q80B $5,599
QA75Q80BAWXXY 75” Q80B $3,899
QA65Q80BAWXXY 65” Q80B $2,999
QA55Q80BAWXXY 55” Q80B $2,299
QA85Q70BAWXXY 85” Q70B $4,499
QA75Q70BAWXXY 75” Q70B $2,999
QA65Q70BAWXXY 65” Q70B $2,499
QA55Q70BAWXXY 55” Q70B $1,999
QA85Q60BAWXXY 85” Q60B $3,999
QA75Q60BAWXXY 75” Q60B $2,499
QA65Q60BAWXXY 65” Q60B $1,899
QA55Q60BAWXXY 55” Q60B $1,499
Crystal UHD
UA85BU8000WXXY 85” BU8000 $2,999
UA75BU8000WXXY 75” BU8000 $1,999
UA65BU8000WXXY 65” BU8000 $1,499
UA55BU8000WXXY 55” BU8000 $1,199
UA50BU8000WXXY 50” BU8000 $999
UA43BU8000WXXY 43” BU8000 $899
The Freestyle
SP-LSP3BLAXXY 3 Series $1,299
The Frame
QA85LS03BAWXXY 85” $4,999
QA75LS03BAWXXY 75” $3,299
QA65LS03BAWXXY 65” $2,499
QA55LS03BAWXXY 55” $1,999
QA50LS03BAWXXY 50” $1,699
QA43LS03BAWXXY 43” $1,399
QA32LS03BBWXXY 32” $799
The Serif
QA65LS01BAWXXY 65” $2,199
QA55LS01BAWXXY 55” $1,699
QA43LS01BAWXXY 43” $1,199
QA65LS01BBWXXY 65” $2,199
QA55LS01BBWXXY 55” $1,699
QA43LS01BBWXXY 43” $1,199
The Sero
QA43LS05BAWXXY 43” $1,499
QA43LS05BBWXXY 43” $1,499


Category Description RPP
Wall Mounts Wall Mounted Auto Rotating Accessory suitable for 43″-50″ & 55” -65” Neo QLED and The Frame TV $499
Stand Mounted Auto Rotating Accessory suitable for 43″-50″ & 55” – 65” Neo QLED and The Frame TV $599
2021 Slim Fit Wall-mount (compatible with all 2021 models from AU8000 and higher) $129
43″-55″ Full Motion Slim Wall-mount $199
58″-75″ Full Motion Slim Wall-mount $249
82″-98″ Full Motion Slim Wall-mount $299
The Terrace Wall-mount (65-75″) – compatible with 65LST7T, 75LST7T $199
The Terrace Wall-mount (55″) – compatible with 55LST7T $99
The Freestyle The Freestyle Case (Dark Green) $99
The Freestyle Skin (Blossom Pink, Forest Green, Coyote Beige) $49
Bezels 2021 Customisable Modern Frame For 85″ Frame TV, White, Beige, Teak, Brown $249
2021 Customisable Modern Frame For 75″, 65”, Frame TV, White, Beige, Teak, Brown $149
2021 Customisable Bevelled Frame For 55″, 50” Frame TV, White, Beige, Teak, Red Brick, Brown $129
2021 Customisable Modern Frame For 43″ Frame TV, White, Beige, Brown, Teak, $99
2020 Bezel For 32″ Frame TV, Walnut, Beige Wood, White $129
Other Easel studio stand for 2020 / 2021 TV models (50-65″ UHD/QLED, 43-65″ Frame except QA43LS03AAWXXY) $299
5m Optical Cable for 2021 8K models (QN900A, QN800A, QN700A) $249
Slim-fit USB-C Powered Webcam for Samsung Smart TVs $99
SmartThings Zigbee Smart Home Dongle for Samsung Smart TVs $39


HW-Q990B/XY $2,099
HW-Q930B/XY $1,599
HW-Q800B/XY $1,099
HW-Q700B/XY $899
HW-Q600B/XY $799
HW-B650/XY $599
HW-B550/XY $499
HW-B450/XY $349
HW-S801B/XY $999
HW-S800B/XY $999
HW-S61B/XY $599
HW-S60B/XY $599