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Samsung announces pricing and availability of its stunning 2021 TV range

Samsung has just announced the pricing and availability of its impressive 2021 TV and soundbar range which includes the stunning 8K and 4K Neo QLED TVs which offer an all-new level of picture and audio quality.

The global leader in TVs for 15 years in a row, Samsung has once again met the demand for larger screen TVs as well as an attractive portfolio of lifestyle TVs. The new Samsung TVs will be available in stores from today.

The 2021 Samsung TV ranges goes from its flagship Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs all the way through to the regular 4K QLED , entry-level Crystal UHD and lifestyle line-up with a range of prices to suit every budget and every Australian home.

“What we watch and how we watch it has changed, and as we enter our 15th year as market leader, it is our role to continue to provide industry pioneering innovations that is designed for the way we live,” said Hass Mahdi, Head of Audio Visual, Samsung Australia.

“Neo QLED technology is a game-changer for big screen TVs in Australia, we’ve reengineered how the picture comes to life.

“We know Australians are buying bigger TVs and that picture quality is the number one consideration for many customers when upgrading, Neo QLED will offer incredible contrast, colour and brightness to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience.”

The Samsung Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs introduce some remarkable new technology including a new light source made up of microscopic LEDs to deliver even deeper blacks, better contrast and vibrant, accurate colours.

The Quantum Mini LED is 1/40th if the thickness of a standard Samsung LED which means more precise light control in a smaller package.

The Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV (QN900) has an Infinity Design with a near bezel-less screen.

The TV also has an attachable Slim One Connect box that has been re-designed to be even more compact and assist with cable management.

On the audio side the Samsung Neo QLED also include OTS (object tracking sound) which delivers dynamic sound that matches the movement of objects on the screen through the speakers that line the edge of the TV.

Samsung’s lifestyles TVs include the Sero – which can adjust form landscape to portrait mode like your phone; the Serif a standalone TV that has it its own legs and the Terrace TV which is designed to be used and withstand the outdoors.

The flagship Samsung Q Series soundbar will include True Dolby and DTS:X with 11.1.4 ch surround sound for a room-filling sound incorporating 11 channels, one subwoofer and four upfiring channels.

“Australians appreciate high quality audio as part of their visual experience and the 2021 line-up showcases Samsung’s commitment to innovation with new audio advancements that raise the bar in sound quality,” said Samsung’s Hass Mahdi.

“Offering the ultimate immersive audio experience at home, the Q950A, engineered by Samsung’s Audio Lab is the perfect match for our new Neo QLED range providing Dolby Atmos Rear Speakers, Spacefit Sound+ and Samsung’s Q-Symphony.”

Here are the Samsung TV and soundbar prices:

Neo QLED 8K QA85QN900AWXXY 85″ QN900A 13,999
QA75QN900AWXXY 75″ QN900A 10,499
QA65QN900AWXXY 65″ QN900A 7,579
QA85QN800AWXXY 85″ QN800A 10,499
QA75QN800AWXXY 75″ QN800A 7,579
QA65QN800AWXXY 65″ QN800A 5,599
Neo QLED 4K QA75QN90AAWXXY 75″ QN90A 6,399
QA65QN90AAWXXY 65″ QN90A 4,899
QA55QN90AAWXXY 55″ QN90A 3,849
QA50QN90AAWXXY 50″ QN90A 2,899
QA85QN85AAWXXY 85″ QN85A 7,579
QA75QN85AAWXXY 75″ QN85A 5,249
QA65QN85AAWXXY 65″ QN85A 4,429
QA55QN85AAWXXY 55″ QN85A 3,379
QLED QA65Q80AAWXXY 65″ Q80A 3,489
QA55Q80AAWXXY 55″ Q80A 2,679
QA85Q70AAWXXY 85″ Q70A 5,829
QA75Q70AAWXXY 75″ Q70A 3,499
QA65Q70AAWXXY 65″ Q70A 2,799
QA55Q70AAWXXY 55″ Q70A 2,209
QA85Q60AAWXXY 85″ Q60A 4,619
QA75Q60AAWXXY 75″ Q60A 2,889
QA65Q60AAWXXY 65″ Q60A 2,189
QA55Q60AAWXXY 55″ Q60A 1,729
Crystal UHD UA85AU8000WXXY 85″ AU8000 3,389
UA75AU8000WXXY 75″ AU8000 2,259
UA65AU8000WXXY 65″ AU8000 1,689
UA55AU8000WXXY 55″ AU8000 1,349
UA50AU8000WXXY 50″ AU8000 1,129
UA43AU8000WXXY 43″ AU8000 1,017
FHD UA32T5300AWXXY 32″ T5300 619
The Frame QA75LS03AAWXXY 75″ 4,079
QA65LS03AAWXXY 65″ 2,899
QA55LS03AAWXXY 55″ 2,329
QA50LS03AAWXXY 50″ 1,979
QA43LS03AAWXXY 43″ 1,629
QA32LS03TBWXXY 32″ 919
The Premiere SP-LSP9TFAXXY 9 SERIES 10,999
The Terrace QA75LST7TAWXXY 75″ 10,999
QA65LST7TAWXXY 65″ 7,999
QA55LST7TAWXXY 55″ 5,999
The Sero QA43LS05TAWXXY 43″ 2,329
The Serif QA55LS01TAWXXY 55″ 2,099
QA43LS01TAWXXY 43″ 1,499