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Philips PicoPix Max TV go-anywhere projector can give you a 120-inch picture


Philips has launched a go-anywhere projector – the PicoPix Max TV – which can beam a 120-inch picture to watch your movies and sport and enjoy your games on a grander scale.

The new all-in-one standalone entertainment device Is powered by the Android TV operating system and has speakers on board to provide 2.1 channel audio.

The Philips PicoPix Max TV provides a 1080p True Full HD resolution image through four channel LEDs and a TI DLP cinema technology chip that can be viewed at up to 120 inches.

The onboard operating system gives viewers access to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ and includes Google Assistant and Chromecast.

There’s also a built-in battery that can run for up to four hours so you can take the Philips PicoPix Max TV anywhere.

And setup is quite easy thanks to the AI driven Auto Focus along with Auto Keystone correction and multiple image correction and four corner correction to give you a sharp and straight image every time.

There’s also a light sensor so the unit can adapt its brightness based on your surroundings.

On the audio side, there are two 12W built-in 2.1 speakers with a dedicated DSP (digital signal processor) which results in impressive sound and respectable bass.

The Philips PicoPix Max TV can also be just used as a speaker using the Bluetooth 5.0 BoomBox mode which will run for up to 10 hours even when the projector is turned off.

In terms of connectivity, the Philips PicoPix Max TV makes it possible to connect laptops, smartphones or a favourite gaming console thanks to the low 16ms input lag and 60Hz refresh rate.

Users can connect their devices via a HDMI or USB-C video cables which are included in the box.

The Philips PicoPix Max TV is priced at $1,499 and available through JB Hi-Fi online.