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Our tour of the Hisense booth at CES 2023 to see the new ULED X and Laser TV

If we were handing out awards at the Consumer Electronics Show, Hisense would receive the Most Improved Award thanks to its new ULEX X line-up of TVs unveiled in Las Vegas.

Tech Guide’s took an eyes-on look at the Hisense Booth at CES which showcased its new ULED X and Laser TVs

Compared to last year’s flagship models, the 2023 are noticeably better and it’s all due to the new Mini LED X backlight and the proprietary Hi-View Engine X driven by a 16-bit neural processor.

This delivers impressive upscaling capabilities and utilises 65,536 levels of brightness.

Also onboard the Hisense TVs is the new Dynamic X Display which offers five times less reflection and more than a billion unique colours.

Not only was picture sharp and bright but the black levels were remarkable to the point they could rival OLED.
And while it’s nice to have a flag ship Hisense TV, the good news for customers is that Mini LED is coming to the U7 and U8 series of ULED TVs which make of the most popular part of Hisense’s portfolio.

There will be not only added contrast and improved colour and brightness but also Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos and a 144Hz refresh rate which is great for gaming and sport.

On the Hisense booth there was also a 110-inch 8K ULED TV that looked amazing – no plans on releasing that model to market – it was more of a “look what we can do” type of product.

Over on the other side of the Hisense booth was its new line-up of Laser TV and Laser Cinema.

The Hisense 2023 L9H Trichroma Laser TV available in 100 and 120-inch options have 4K picture quality and include Dolby Vision for a true cinematic experience.

The Trichroma X-Fusion Laser Light technology that takes cinematic performance to another level and projects high resolution imagery with lifelike realism.

We saw the included Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) screen at the Hisense CES booth.

Thanks to its special structure, the screen up to 85 per cent of unwanted light is turned away to maintain the brightness and picture quality even in the middle of the day.

Even under the bright lights of CES, the picture on the Hisense Laser TV still looked sharp and bright.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas with support from Samsung, LG, Hisense and ASUS.