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Now you can boost your TV’s audio with the new Sonos Ray soundbar

Sonos has expanded its range of speakers with the new Sonos Ray, a compact sound bar that creates a big sound to improve your home entertainment experience.

The compact size of Sonos Ray means it can fit easily in front of your TV without getting in the way but still fill your room with sound.

“Homes have become movie theatres, fitness studios, gaming hubs and so much more, all supported by a streaming era that is no longer exclusive to just TV, music and film,” said Patrick Spence CEO of Sonos.

“Ray makes it easier than ever to enhance those listening experiences, thanks to its smaller size an impressive sound.”

Under the hood are new acoustic innovations that offer clear and crisp dialogue, balanced surround sound and nice bass.

Inside are custom-designed waveguides that can project sound around the room while advanced processing accurately positions these elements throughout your room so you are at the centre of the action.

The bass is delivered through a proprietary reflex system so it can harmonise precisely with the mid and high range frequencies.

Sonos engineers have tuned ray to perfection but you can also tune it to your room with Trueplay so it can sound even better in your own space.

The Sonos speech enhancement means you’ll never having to rewind to hear what they said again.

and if you’re watching late at night, the new Night Sound reduces the intense loud effects so you don’t wake everyone up.

Users can stream all their favourite services through the new Sonos soundbar so your movies, music will sound better than ever before.

Sonos Ray is easy to set up through the Sonos app so you’ll be listening in minutes.

Users can control the soundbar through your existing TV remote, the Sonos app and via Apple AirPlay 2 and more.

Customers who already have Sonos One speakers can turn these into rear speakers to enhance the surround sound setup even more.

Sonos Ray will be priced at $399 and will go on sale on June 7.