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LG unveils the OLED T – a stunning transparent TV that’s invisible when it’s turned off

LG has expanded its OLED experience and superiority in a whole new direction at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with the release of a transparent and wireless OLED TV which is virtually invisible when it is turned off.

The 77-inch LG OLED T transparent 4K TV is designed to free up living space and makes it look larger instead of being stuck with a black rectangle that clashes with the décor of the home.

The OLED T can be viewed in transparent mode with viewers able to watch their content but also see through the TV.

And when it’s turned off you can see right through it and see a view you don’t want to spoil or display ornaments on the shelf inside the TV.

Tech Guide was given a demonstration of the technology, and we could see added depth in the image, almost like 3D, in the transparent mode.

And if users want to view the OLED T like a regular TV, a black film roll ups on the rear side of the TV to provide added contrast and regular 4K viewing conditions.

The OLED T does also free up where customers can place the TV – and it now doesn’t have to sit up against a wall or mounted to it.

And what adds to this freedom is the wireless connectivity with the Zero Connect Box so the sources can be plugged in separately and beamed to the OLED T from across the room.

The LG OLED T TV can stand alone on the floor with the company looking at offering shelving that compliments the look of the TV, so it looks like a floating shelf instead of sitting on top of an entertainment unit.

When not watching TV or streaming content, customers can enjoy the transparent always on display which shows the time, calendar, weather and other information.

Another option is the T Bar feature which can display information along the bottom of the screen like weather, news alerts and song titles being played with the screen maintaining a transparent obstruction free view of whatever is behind it.

The TV is powered by LG’s new Alpha 11 AI processor with four times faster AI performance and a significant improvement in graphics performance and processing speed.

The LG OLED T Signature TV will be the centrepiece of the LG booth at the Consumer Electronics Show.

No word yet on pricing but we expect it to be well into the five figures if and when arrives in Australia.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas for CES with the support of Samsung, LG and Hisense