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LG unveils Smart TV and Cinema 3D range

lgsmartthumbnew LG TV range

It was LG’s turn to unveil its range of smart TVs which can connect viewers via the internet to premium content, the web and applications.

The flatscreens also offer enhanced 3D viewing with lighter, cheaper passive glasses that provide a cinema-like experience.

Also included is a Magic Motion remote which allows viewers to point and click at the on-screen menus like they would with a computer mouse.   

At the heart of the LG panels is the home dashboard which is the gateway to live TV, premium content and apps.

LG has partnered with content providers including Bigpond Movies which has a library of more than 2000 movies, Yahoo7 with a catch-up TV service and Fox Sports for rugby and tennis on demand and other sports.

There’s also NRL and AFL Game Analyser which give on demand access to recent games along with GoConnect which provides an daily entertainment fix with

The LG Smart TV offers easy access to premium content, the web and applications

The LG Smart TV dashboard will also give customers access to a range of apps which have been designed for the larger TV screen and include games and news and information widgets.

The Magic Motion remote is used like the Nintendo Wii remote control and a small cross is seen on the screen which is easily steered around the screen simply by moving the remote.

Anyone, no matter their age, can easily pick up the Magic Motion remote and use it.

On the 3D front the new range of LG TVs have made a dramatic change.

Gone are the rechargeable and expensive 3D active glasses and in their place are lightweight, battery-free passive glasses which cost just $19 for two pairs.

The new LG Smart TVs use cheaper, lightweight 3D glasses

These glasses are similar to the ones used in cinemas – in fact viewers can use these cinema 3D glasses to view 3D on the new LG panels.

LG’s technology uses a special polarised film on the screen which when viewed with the passive glasses, offers flicker free 3D images in full high definition.

LG says it Cinema 3D TVs eliminate 3D side effects like dizziness, eye fatigue and can be viewed in any position whether the viewer is sitting or lying down.

Another improvement is the increased picture brightness which suffered using conventional 3D technology.

The new range of TVs also offer 2D to 3D conversion in real time.

The LG Smart TV dashboard which is the gateway to content, the web and apps

LG’s new Smart TVs will be available in LED, LCD and plasma in sizes up to 55-inch.

The hero product is the LW6500 which has an LED panel, TruMotion 200Hz, 3D TV, 2D to 3D conversion, light comfortable glasses and Smart TV home dashboard with Magic Motion remote control.

The LW6500 and the entire range of LG’s new panels go on sale in May.