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Kogan releases affordable 3D LED TV range

kogan3dtvthumb3D TV range

Kogan has released its first range of 3D home entertainment products and put the technology within reach of more users thanks to its competitive prices.

The Kogan full high definition LED 3D TVs are priced from $899 for the 46-inch model and from $1499 for the 55-inch panel.

Rechargeable active 3D glasses will cost $49 a pair and the Kogan wi-fi 3D Blu-ray players are priced from $189.  

The Kogan 3D LED TVs will also be able convert 2D to 3D in real time so users can enjoy their favourite movies and games in 3D.

Native 3D movies can be viewed through compatible devices like the Kogan 3D Blu-ray player or the PlayStation 3 which can also be upgraded to play 3D Blu-ray movies.

Also on board the Kogan LED TVs is a PVR (personal video recorder) which will allow viewers to record, pause and rewind live TV.

Kogan's 3D LED TVs are available in 46-inch and 55-inch and contain a PVR and 2D to 3D conversion

Company boss Ruslan Kogan says the new 3D range will bring 3D to more customers of they choose.

“We quickly realised that the actual technology in a 3D TV that enables this feature is relatively inexpensive, and we’re entirely transparent about the added costs,” he said.

Ironically Kogan was not the biggest fan of 3D TVs and voiced such an opinion but feedback from customers showed enough demand for the company to offer this new 3D range.

The Kogan 3D rechargeable glasses are priced at $49 a pair

“While the amount of 3D content is still small, feedback from our customers showed that the public are split almost 50/50 on whether they want 3D TV in their home,” Kogan said.

“Today’s launch is to ensure we are satisfying the needs and desires of all Kogan customers.”

The Kogan 3D LED TV 46-inch panel is priced from $899 using Kogan’s LivePrice  for early orders or $999 at the regular price.

The Kogan 3D wi-fi Blu-ray Disc player

The 55-inch model is priced from $1499 using LivePrice or $1699 for the regular price.

The Kogan 3D Blu-ray player has wi-fi connectivity and is $189 using LivePrice or $209 with regular pricing.

Each TV comes with a pair of rechargeable 3D Kogan glasses and additonal pairs are priced at $49 each.