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Hisense unveils its impressive 2024 range of Mini LED TVs that are bigger and brighter

Hisense has released its new 2024 range of TVs in stores with sizes ranging all the way up to a huge 110-inches with all models including the company’s outstanding new Mini LED technology.

The new models in the ULED range includes the flagship UX and the U8 and U7 series.

Under the hood customers will also find QLED Quantum Dot and Dolby Vision IQ and 144Hz as standard in the ULED range.

In addition, the entire line-up Hisense TVs have IMAX enhanced certification which was only available in the U8 series and above.

 “Our 2024 TV range is a true testament to the ongoing research and development into the technology that truly sets our adaptive home entertainment offering apart,” says Gideon Lui, Head of Marketing, Hisense ANZ.

“We are incredibly proud to announce our new 2024 TV range as the best-performing and most premium fit for the modern Australian home.”

Every Hisense TV in the ULED range has Mini LED technology while the flagship TVs bring Mini LED X technology in 65, 75 and 85-inch sizes.

The UX range this year will also include a 110-inch model which will be released later this year in Australia.

The flagship Mini LED UXAU have more than 20,000 backlights along with 2,500nits brightness and more than 5,000 dimming zones.

Also onboard is Dynamic X Display which can display more than a billion colours with HDR10+ and Dolby Vision IQ.

The screen on the flagship model also has five times less reflection so you can place the TV anywhere in your home – including a bright, open living area.

Mini LED technology is included in the entire Hisense range.

The popular U8NAU will be available in 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch from May and has been given a new streamlined design with the speakers located towards the back of the unit and utilising upfiring speakers and a built-in subwoofer so out of the box you’ll have an immersive audio experience.

The U8NAU has more than 1000 dimming zones and up to 2000 nits of brightness – that’s up from 500 dimming zones and 1300 nits brightness from last year’s model.

Big screens are still what Australian customers are after and Hisense has its U6NAU that includes premium features like Mini LED with two size options – 55-inch and 85-inch.

Hisense is also introducing a new 100 inch model – the 100Q7NAU – which has 144 Hz QLED Quantum Dot and a Full Array Backlit screen.

The TV will be offered as an attractive option for price conscious customers looking to super-size their screen while still retaining excellent image quality.

But the flagship and range topping 110-inch UXAU will offer for customers a premium viewing experience in their homes.

Another big change Hisense is making is with their TV remote controls which are now solar powered.

Instead of constantly changing batteries, the solar panel will gathering ambient light from the panel on the front of the remote and ensure continuous charge for uninterrupted use.

There’s also a USB C charging port to offer an alternative charging solution.

Another huge improvement on this year’s line-up of Hisense TVs is the VIDAA U7 operating system across the entire range.

This OS will not only gather your favourite streaming apps but it also the newly launched free internet TV channels to give you hours of local and international content free of charge.

The impressive improvement is the ultra-fast responsiveness which allows you to get through the menus and get your content faster than ever.

The Hisense U7 TVs will also include Game Mode Pro to provide a next level gaming experience which is activated as soon as you plug in your gaming console.

“We are committed to consistently innovating in the home entertainment category, always looking to level up to meet and exceed customer expectations,” Lui concluded.

“It makes sense to invest in technology that fits seamlessly into the lives of our customers and their needs, be that, colour-control, connectivity or anti-glare capabilities.

“Year on year, we continue to delight with the quality and breadth of our range – with the aim of setting a new benchmark for immersive entertainment and delivering premium TVs for every Australian home.”

Model Availability RRP
(32”, 40”)
April onwards $349 (32”)

$449 (40”)



(43”, 50”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 85”)

May onwards $799 (43”)

$899 (50”)

$999 (55”)

$1,299 (65”)

$1,799 (75”)

$2,799 (85”)



May onwards $5,999 (100”)

(55”, 65”, 75”, 85”)


May onwards $1,299 (55”)

$1,699 (65”)

$2,499 (75”)

$3,499 (85”)


(55”, 65”, 75”, 85”, 100”)


April onwards $1,599 (55”)

$2,299 (65”)

$2,999 (75”)

$3,999 (85”)

$6,999 (100”, U7KAU)

(65”, 75”, 85”)
May onwards $2,699 (65”)

$3,699 (75”)

$4,999 (85”)


(65”, 75”, 85”, 110”)
May onwards $3,999 (65”)

$4,999 (75”)

$8,999 (85”)

TBC (110”)