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Hisense to launch 8K ULED TVS in Australia in 2020

Hisense will introduce a range of 8K ULED televisions to the Australian market in 2020 which will offer AI upscaling and super high resolution so your content will look better than ever.

The Hisense 8K TVs, which have four times the resolution of its 4K TVs, will include the company’s leading technologies including quantum dot colour, a full array backlight, full array local dimming, Dolby Vision HDR (high dynamic range) and Dolby Atmos audio.

Also onboard is the Hisense proprietary Hi-View Engine which uses artificial intelligence to recognise and upscale low resolution content to near 8K quality whether you’re watching live TV, streaming services and playing video games.

“At Hisense, 8K is something that we have been trialling, testing and fine-tuning for many years,” says Hisense Australia, head of marketing Andre Iannuzzi.

“It’s an exciting innovation that promises an elevated viewing experience for customers no matter the source, be that free-to-air TV, streaming or gaming.

“Now is the time for us to show Australians what Hisense can bring to the 8K table.

“What better way to do this than by introducing 8K TV in our most premium television brand, ULED, as a demonstration of our commitment to exceptional picture, intuitive features and showstopping design.

“Our ULED 8K TV takes advantage of all that 8K has to offer to create a viewing experience that is truly spectacular.

“We can’t wait to see it in Australian living rooms next year and are confident our customers will experience nothing short of brilliance in colour, clarity and sound.”

On the design side, the Hisense 8K ULED TVs will have thin bezels with a thin diamond-cut edge and finished in dark, brushed aluminium.

More information like screen sizes, pricing and availability will be shared in the first half of 2020.