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Your guide to the nine new Foxtel channels and other changes


Foxtel is launching some exciting new changes this week including nine new channels for subscribers to enjoy more drama and comedies as well as dedicated 4K Ultra HD channels for movies and sport.

From November 7, these new channels will come online with some replacing older channels while others will change their channel number.

Customers don’t have to do anything – the changes will happen on their own.

The new channels will be:

– FOX One (ch 101), new flagship channel

– FOX Hits (ch 119)

– FOX Funny (ch 111), which will replace 111 funny

– FOX Crime (ch 118), which will replace TV H!TS.

For customers with an iQ4 and a 4K TV, they can also enjoy two dedicated 4K channels – Movies Ultra HD (ch 400) and Fox Sports Ultra HD (ch 508).

Foxtel Movies Ultra HD will deliver movies 24/7 in glorious 4K while live sport like cricket, AFL and rugby league will now be clearer than ever before with the Fox Sports Ultra HD channel.

These channels will replace the 4K Ultra HD (formerly ch 444).

Some of the Foxtel movie channels will also be renamed.

– Disney Movies will become Movies Kids (still ch 403) – movies suitable for kids of all ages in one place.

– Masterpiece Movies will become Movies Drama (ch 408) – award-winning dramatic films that pack a punch

– More Movies will become Movies Hits (ch 409) – where viewers can watch popular and recently released films.

Foxtel says most content will still be available – just now located on a different channel while some has been shifted to On Demand.

Customers can see exactly where the content is moving by clicking here.

And there will be no price rise in the immediate future after these changes take place.