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Govt $308m for set top boxes is too much: Kogan

kogantvthumbGOVT scheme

Outspoken online consumer electronics retailer Ruslan Kogan has slammed the Government’s $308m scheme to supply digital TV set-top boxes to pensioners saying it should cost as little as $50m.

The Government has devised the plan to ensure pensioners blacked out when the analogue TV signal is turned off at the end of 2013.

That’s more than $350 for each installation which Kogan says is too much considering his company sells high definition LED TVs for as little as $129.  

“It isn’t our place to comment on whether the digital set top box scheme will be the next Pink Batts disaster,” Kogan said in his blog.

“We hope that not a single cent of tax payer money is ever wasted. 

As technology experts, we know that the Government is proposing to spend far too much by allocating $350+ to each installation of a set top box.

Kogan sells standalone high definition digital set top boxes for $49.

Other stores offer high definition set top boxes for around $60 while standard definition set top boxes can be purchased for as little as $30.

“Even in the small percentage of cases where a technician may be required to fix an old antenna, the total cost should not be anywhere near the $350+ the Government is proposing to spend,” Kogan added.

 The $49 Kogan high definition set top box