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Foxtel will be available on Telstra’s T-Box

telstra-t-box_1FOXtel deal

Telstra’s T-Box customers will soon be able to receive Foxtel on the device after an agreement was reached between the two companies.

The service, due to begin in May, will see 30 of Foxtel’s most popular channels including Fox8, Fox Sports, Movie One and Showtime Premiere streamed over the internet to the T-Box unmetered for BigPond ADSL and cable customers.

Launched by Telstra last year, the T-Box is a digital set top box which delivers digital free to air channels, internet TV channels and BigPond movies and TV shows on demand.

Customers can pause, rewind and record live TV and store up to 100 hours of program on the Telstra T-Box.

Foxtel’s agreement with Telstra to deliver its pay TV service on a device other than the dedicated set-top boxes follows a similar deal which was struck with Microsoft for its Xbox 360 console.

Interactive television on the Telstra T-Box

Foxtel chief executive and managing director Kim Williams says the company is always looking to invest in innovative ways of delivering the service to ensure customers have choice.

“Foxtel on T-Box is an exciting new service which extends Foxtel’s bold move into the broadband space – a space where consumers are heading at increasing speed, and where we are eager to develop relevant, compelling product propositions,” Mr Williams said.

“With this new offer we are able – through Telstra – to reach new customer segments. For those Australians who may not yet be ready to take the full Foxtel service – with its choice of over 200 channels, 20 HD channels and full digital recorder functionality – or those who may want to focus on a condensed service and internet delivery, then Foxtel on T-Box offers a superb alternative that will connect strongly with their wants and needs.”

Telstra CEO David ThodeyTelstra boss David Thodey says Foxtel on T-Box will open up an exciting world of affordable internet-delivered home entertainment.

“With T-Boxes in close to 120,000 Australian homes, Telstra is helping to usher in a new era of internet-delivered home entertainment across Australia,” he said.

There are more than 2000 movies already available on the T-Box this number will grow by more than 300 when you include Foxtel’s on-demand movie library.

Packages and pricing will be announced closer to the May launch date.