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Beyonwiz WizOTT can make any TV smart

beyonwizthumbmake TV SMART

If you’re in the market for a new TV then it would be worth considering the purchase of a smart TV.

But what if you’ve just bought a flatscreen TV a few months ago, or last year, but still want to enjoy the benefits of smart TV?

The solution is at hand with the new Beyonwiz WizOTT – a small media player which brings internet connectivity to your television.   

Priced at $249, the Beyonwiz WizOTT is powered by the Android operating system which we have seen on smartphones so it allows users to surf the internet with the built-in web browser.


There are a number of Android apps which are also compatible to view on your TV using the Beyonwiz WizOTT.

The Beyonwiz WizOTT can connect your existing TV to the internet

These include dedicated apps for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Maps.

And because the device is also a media player viewers can enjoy full high definition playback in a number of video formats along with all of their favourite music.

Beyonwiz’s device connects to the your TV with a HDMI cable and then to the internet either wirelessly or using an Ethernet cable.

The Beyonwiz WizOTT is available now and priced at $249.

 The Beyonwiz WizOTT connects to the internet via an Ethernet cable  or wirelessly