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Best Universal TV Remotes – Get Rid of Multiple Remotes for Different Devices


Entertainment is something we all crave on days when we are exhausted, burned out, and stressed. It is something that helps individuals relax a bit and free their minds from the things that stress them out.

In this present time, more entertainment devices are created besides the usual television. This only means the more devices, the more remote controls you may need. Most of the time, it causes confusion.

Isn’t it annoying that instead of being entertained during your free time, you end up getting frustrated because of the confusion caused by multiple remote controls? Now, there’s no need to worry because there’s a solution for that: a universal remote control. So, if you’re currently owning multiple entertainment devices or have a home theater and you seek convenience, it would be best if you get this device. Since there’s a lot of options available in the market, here are some of the best that you should put into consideration.

  1. GE Universal Remote Control

One of the first universal remote controls available in the market is from a well-known brand, GE. Thus, if you’re looking for a remote control that’s affordable and efficient, this is a great choice. Now, in order to program this remote on your entertainment devices, you’ll need to use specific codes. Each code is designated to different brands and device types. So, if you are planning to get this one, or you happen to have this one, here’s a complete guide to GE universal remote codes and their step-by-step programming procedures.

  1. One For All Essence 4 Universal Remote Control 

Another budget-friendly remote control option is from One For All. It’s fairly priced and is a very practical choice. It can be programmed and control up to four entertainment devices. This remote isn’t programmed via codes. Instead, it follows a pattern of button presses to be programmed. You will be then provided with a set of instructions that suits your hardware and operate the device that you’re trying to use.

  1. Logitech Harmony Elite

Now on the high-end and advanced option for universal remote control, Logitech Harmony Elite ranks at number one. It has obtained hundreds of positive reviews because of its quality, design, and of course, compatibility with loads of devices. This can control just about everything. That’s what makes it expensively awesome! So, if you think that this option has the features you are looking for, this is really quite an investment. Nonetheless, it’s worth the experience and convenience it can provide.

  1. Doro HandleEasy 

If you’re looking for something that an elderly could use, this could be the right option for you. It only has basic functions, and it’s built with easy-to-use inputs that the elderly can easily familiarize.

Final Words 

Universal remote controls are really lifesavers. With those, you won’t have to deal with a guessing game scenario when operating your entertainment devices. Getting one is a really good decision to make as it will surely improve your entertainment experience at home.