Modern technology gives us many things.

Tune in to Episode 418 of the top-rating Tech Guide podcast with special guest Erin Molan


TV and radio sports presenter and active charity ambassador Erin Molan is our special guest in the Celebrity Tech segment in Episode 418 of the top-rating Tech Guide podcast.

Molan discusses her use of technology on her live TV broadcasts, how her young daughter know her way around the iPad and her strong opinions about online bullying and social media trolls.

Also on the show, no new iPhone but we have new Apple Watches and iPads and the PlayStation 5 has been announced with presales selling out in minutes.

In the Tech Guide reviews we’ll take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, we go hands on with the eighth generation iPad and take you through the new features of the GoPro Hero9 Black.

In the Tech Guide Help Desk, can 5G really replace the NBN and can soundbars make it easier to hear your TV.

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