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The latest on the Optus hack on Episode 521 of the top-rating Tech Guide podcast

Hear about the latest on the Optus hack and what you need to do to protect yourself in Episode 521 of the top-rating Tech Guide podcast, hosted by editor Stephen Fenech.

On this week’s show, we have the latest on the Optus data breach and what this means for you if you’re a customer, Amazon launches a new Alexa Kids experience and I’m now part of an exciting new lifestyle TV show.

In the Tech Guide reviews, we take a listen to the new second generation AirPods Pro, Google has released a new Chromecast and we go through the main features of the latest Windows 11 update.

In the Tech Guide Help Desk we talk about the new device that can link your Bluetooth earphones and headphones to inflight entertainment systems and gym treadmills.

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