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Take the challenge to see how high you can lob your smartphone


Wimbledon has just started and to coincide with the prestigious tennis tournament, smartphone owners are being challenged to see how high they can lob their devices in the air.

Users who want to take up the challenge can go to the website on their smartphone.

Press “Start Flight” and toss your phone in the air.

Of course, you need to be really careful to catch your device again to prevent your screen smashing.

The internal sensors and the accelerometer on your smartphone will work out what height your phone reaches.


As the phone is in the air, the movement is streamed to the servers at Ably – a real-time data delivery platform that’s behind the challenge.

A unique code will appear on your screen so you can share it with friends so they can also see your lob attempts and stats.

The record height, at the time this story was published, was 4.43 metres with an Android device.

Good luck – but be careful!!

Tell us about what heights you reach.