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Star Wars The Last Jedi SPOILER FREE review

We’re not going to spoil Star Wars The Last Jedi for you – we would never dream of that. But we did want to tell you just how good it is and that the movie does not disappoint for a single second.

In this SPOILER FREE review were going to talk about the performances, production quality and the sheer scope that The Last Jedi offers.

It’s a truly amazing and ambitious film and writer/director Rian’s Johnson should be commended. He has absolutely knocked this one out of the park.

And the two-hour and 30-minute running time went like a flash.

It’s not spoiling anything to say that The Last Jedi picks up right where the brilliant The Force Awakens leaves off unlike other Star Wars chapters where considerable time has elapsed.

This really adds to the movie – it’s like jumping on a speeding train that doesn’t want to slow down for you.

It is epic in scope and creative in its execution.


And unlike a regular film that potters along in a predictable path, The Last Jedi is an absolute juggernaut that will take you in directions you didn’t expect and surprise you with the emotions it will make you feel.

There is action aplenty and a perfect dose of humour thrown in as well.

And each of the actors absolutely nail their performances. They all have their fair share of things to do in the film.

All of them have their own story arcs and journeys to follow so by the end of the film we see a real difference.

The audience will also learn a bit more about the characters’ back stories and how they came to be in this part of the Star Wars universe.


Things we found out in The Force Awakens are also fleshed out further in The Last Jedi and are like jigsaw pieces falling into place.

We are also introduced to new bright and fascinating characters as well as new worlds and environments that you will not be able to take your eyes off.

There is also a fair share of new vehicles and creatures that are sure to end up on store shelves, if they aren’t there already.


Diehard Star Wars fans, like me, will not be disappointed. It carries the story forward in an interesting and compelling direction.

The Last Jedi keeps you on the edge of your seat and maintains a pace that will leave audience members trying to catch their breath.


The look of the film is also extraordinary with amazing scene constructions that don’t just look good but that ARE good.

And I’m happy to say the Porgs are not in the slightest bit annoying – they’re pretty darn cute. And we also loved crystal foxes.

Get yourself to a cinema to watch Star Wars The Last Jedi.


And then get yourself to the cinema to watch it all over again. There is so much to take in, one viewing will not be enough.

It’s quite possibly the best Star Wars movie ever made.