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Stan is taking off aboard Qantas aircraft with high speed in-flight wi-fi


Stan is literally taking off in the coming weeks with news that Qantas will be offering the subscription video on demand service to its passengers with in-flight wi-fi before the end of the month.

Qantas is flicking the switch on wi-fi connectivity for its fleet of its domestic aircraft in the coming weeks

The first aircraft enabled with wi-fi and offering Stan to its passengers will be a 737 that will take to the skies before the end of March.

Passengers on that flight will not only have access to Stan onboard the aircraft but access to the service with a three-month subscription as part of their fare.

Stan’s offerings include award-winning programs including Billions, Better Call Saul, Sherlock, Girlfriend Experience, Transparent and UnREAL.

Billions is available to stream on Stan
Billions is available to stream on Stan

The Qantas in-flight wi-fi service will be more than 10 times faster than conventional inflight wi-fi and will be available on domestic flights within Australia on A330 and B737 aircraft.

ViaSat is supplying Qantas with links between the aircraft and the high capacity KA-band satellite and ground stations to connect the aircraft to the internet.

ViaSat already serves nearly 500 US commercial aircraft and connect more passengers per flight at higher speeds than any other service.