Modern technology gives us many things.

Wireless Security Cameras to cover all your bases

 The quest for additional security increases every year. And it is a natural need of every person to feel relaxed and secured in their home. Thanks to the impeccable technological progress in recent years, video surveillance is no longer a device reserved for security companies for example or huge corporations.

Everyone, with some technical skills, can install a surveillance camera at their home. With security cameras providing 24/7 alarm monitoring, burglars have a hard time committing their misdeeds. It records also help identify and convict the thieves. Wireless cameras are easy and fast to install.

The change of the camera location is possible at any time without problems, because no cables are to be laid. The advantage of the wireless network camera is the wireless transmission of recordings to the network video recorder. All you need is a power outlet for the camera, and then you can watch the live streaming from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. To understand the benefits of wireless cameras, it’s important to know how they work.

Surveillance and Monitoring

The most important part of a surveillance camera is the camera module. It takes pictures or videos. Most modern surveillance devices have an infrared sensor that the camera to take excellent pictures at night too.

In addition, they also come with a motion sensor which detects any kind of movement in the house in your absence and informs you through email or a text. Such cameras can also be configured so that they start recording only when it is necessary, for example: when something is moving, or when there is a sound, etc.

This saves a lot of storage space and if you want to watch the recorded videos, you do not have to spend hours scouring unimportant shots without moving.

 Data Transmission Technology

Wired security cameras have a major fault. Since they require a wire to transfer the data, intruders will probably cut the wires upon noticing the camera to avoid detection. To be able to watch the live videos or stream live pictures, the data must be loaded from the camera to a server.

With the wireless camera monitoring, no installation of bulky and obtrusive wiring is required.  In the initial configuration, the device connects to the wireless network. However, it may vary depending on the manufacturer and the type of wireless camera. Some cameras offer a free online cloud, others require you to configure an FTP server first.

If you are unfamiliar with the technical details of an FTP server, you should definitely choose a camera with a free cloud. The configuration is much easier in the cloud, after all, you do not need a separate server and after the installation, everything works on its own.

 Cloud Storage

Normal surveillance cameras usually store their images on an SD card inside the device. That’s good, but at the same time very dangerous, because criminals could steal the camera – along with their data and recordings. Most of the wireless surveillance camera stores all images on the server of the manufacturer. Thus, the pictures and videos are safe – even if the camera is gone.

Motion Detection

Security cameras are installed by default to monitor specific areas around the clock. Surveillance cameras with integrated motion detectors often work with light sensors. As soon as the camera is in operation, it scans the surroundings. To save the battery, the camera is always in standby mode.

As soon as the camera detects a change in the image during scanning, it responds instantly and activates motion detection. The motion detection starts a video recording, which takes, depending on the model, between a few seconds or a few minutes. Once the video is finished, the camera reboots to standby mode.

This process is repeated whenever the scan is changed again. The images of some surveillance cameras with integrated motion detectors not only contain videos but also images. To enable the owner of the monitored area to react quickly, these cameras send the shot surveillance images via e-mail.


Nowadays, there is a suitable smartphone app for almost every technical device and it is no different from the wireless surveillance camera. Almost every manufacturer of surveillance camera now offers a free app for iOS and Android which gives you direct control and access to the camera settings and to its live images and video streaming.

This is definitely the most comfortable way to keep an eye on your home. Some manufacturers offer this service for free, while others charge a monthly fee. In addition to the access via an app, it is also possible to access the cam via web browsers like chrome, safari, etc. by entering the IP address of the surveillance camera, and in some cases, via suitable programs for the computer.

However, these must first be installed and are usually not that easy to set up.

With a wireless video surveillance system, you can achieve high-quality communication with absolute mobility of equipment. Wireless surveillance cameras can be located in those places where the cable is simply impossible to go.