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Tado’s Smart AC Control makes your air conditioner even more useful and intuitive


Our air conditioners have been getting quite a workout this summer but wouldn’t it be good if we could make them smarter. With the Tado Smart AC Control you can do exactly that.

If your air conditioner has a remote with a display then you’re in business.

The Tado Smart AC Control Device is a small square device that can fit in the palm of your hand.

The idea behind the product is to link it to your system so it can not only control your AC but also provide information and notifications so it can work more efficiently and offer greater convenience.

Right now an AC system is controlled by you pointing the remote at the control unit on the wall. So it’s not very smart or intuitive.

With the Tado Smart AC Control you can change all of that.

To set it up you need to set up an account on with the Tado app and then pair the device which is as simple as scanning the QR code on the back of the unit.

The device is also HomeKit compatible so iPhone users can add it to their other smart devices in the Home app which also means it can be controlled with your voice with Siri.

Tado Smart AC Control will also work with Google Assistant and Alexa.

Once connected to your network you can then pair it to your AC system simply by choosing the brand of your air conditioner into the app and also aiming your remote at the Tado unit so it can confirm the make and model and replicate the infrared controls.

You then position the Tado control unit in the same room as your AC wall controller or the AC unit itself.

That way you can wirelessly connect to the Tado unit from the app on your smartphone which then passes on that command to your AC unit via infrared.

This gives users complete control of their AC from the palm of their AC and can see current temperate as well as see alerts and set schedules.

The front of the unit can also display the current temperature and system status.

Now you can control the AC remotely and set schedules for the AC to turn on automatically at certain times or when it hits certain temperatures.

It’s also possible to set a geo-fence so your AC turns on when you arrive home and turns off when you leave.

And because it’s connected to the app, the Tado unit can also check local weather forecasts to automatically regulate the temperature in your home.

It can even detect if a window is open nearby and remind you to turn the AC off to save energy.

Another handy feature is being able to turn on our AC before you come home.

With the Tado Smart AC Control you can come home to a pre-cooled home or apartment on a hot day because you could turn on the system on your way home.

So not only does the Tado Smart AC Control provide convenience and efficiency you’re not wasting energy.

In the box is the unit itself which can be mounted in the wall with the included adhesive strips. It also comes with its own power supply and USB cable so it need to be positioned close to a power point.

The Tado Smart AC Control is available now and is priced at $179.