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How to set up a smart plug in your home or office

The first step on the journey to achieving a smart home is with a smart plug that will give your existing appliances and electrical products the ability to be monitored and controlled remotely.

We will show you how easy it is to set up a smart plug.

Tech Guide partnered with Jaycar to shoot a video to demonstrate the ease in which customers can set up the Powertech smart plug using Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

But these instructions would apply to any other smart plug you would like to connect in your home.

Plugs are a great way to control a range of electrical devices in your home or office.

Imagine being able to turn off your bedroom light without getting out of bed or turning on your coffee machine in the morning.

How about having lights turn on and off whilst you’re away to deter burglars?

The plug is controlled with a smart phone or with a voice command through Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Follow these simple steps in the video and in no time you’ll have the start of a complete home automation system.

For this video we used the Powertech smart wi-fi plug available instore or on the Jaycar website.

Use a smart plug like you would a normal plug and attached to any power point in your house.

Take a look at our video, created with Jaycar, to help you get set-up and on your way to creating a smart home.