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Amazon Kids offers an all-new Alexa experience for your child with Echo speakers

Amazon Australia has created a new family experience with Alexa on Echo smart speakers and Echo Show devices to help children learn, play and be entertained at home.

The experience is designed for children under 12 years of age and turns Alexa into a digital friend that can do things like sing along with Amazon Music as well as playing games and telling jokes.

And all the while parents have complete control to manage the entire experience.

“While Alexa’s been keeping Aussie homes organised, entertained and connected, the youngest members of the household have increasingly become curious and interested in engaging with Alexa in their own way,” said Kate Gooden, Head of Product, Amazon Alexa ANZ.

“We’re excited to launch Amazon Kids on Alexa in Australia, joining the 20 million kids and parents around the world who are already using the service.

“We can now provide Mums and Dads peace of mind in knowing that their kids are getting child-directed content, and new kid skills in an environment that parents can easily manage via our Parent Dashboard tools.”

Amazon Kids on Alexa offers child-friendly features and content with settings and parental controls that can be accessed on Amazon Echo smart speakers and Echo Show devices.

Parents can block songs with explicit lyrics from streaming services including Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify.

Parents can also set time limits and set bedtimes so kids aren’t interacting with Alexa late at night, past their bedtime or when they should be doing their homework.

Amazon Kids on Alexa can also be used for internal household announcements between speakers in your home so you don’t have to shout at each other from opposite ends of your house.

Parents can use the Alexa app to activate Amazon Kids and set up a profile for their child.

Dedicated Echo devices could be set up in a child’s space like a playroom or bedroom and can be set up to provide only the Amazon Kids experience to anyone who wants to use it.

With dynamic profile switching you can also set a Voice ID and Visual ID for your child so Alexa can actually call your child by name to personalise the experience even more.