Modern technology gives us many things.

This smart device checks your posture and makes you stand up straight

We’ve got a lot of smart devices to help us do a lot of things and Upright Go is the latest and it’s designed to improve your posture and reduce the risk of associated back pain.

Upright Go is a small wearable device that can be stuck to your back to coach users to stand up straight and maintain a good posture.

The product can work with or without being paired with the iOS and Android app.

Onboard technology can detect subtle movements of the upper back and provides a gentle vibration to alert their wearer of their current posture.

It will work anywhere whether the person is sitting, standing, walking or driving.

Research conducted by Lonergan shows one in six Australians suffers from some degree of back pain.

Another contributing factor is the fact that Australians spend a third of their day in front of as screen.


“In Australia, we are all too familiar with experiencing “screen slouch”. However, poor posture and the pain and discomfort associated with it can significantly affect a person’s quality of life,” say chiropractor Peter Luan from Fort Healthcare in Sydney.

“We are excited to bring revolutionary wearable products to the market that not only help those seeking a solution to their suffering, but that easily fit into the lifestyle of those conscious of preserving their wellbeing and appearance.

“The Upright Go is a simple to use and relatively inexpensive solution to the nation’s back pain, and we look forward to helping Aussies achieve and maintain better posture day-to-day.”


Having poor posture can lead to neck, back and shoulder pain as well as add to stress and fatigue while long term side effects can include musculoskeletal disorders.

But tweaking your posture using a product like Upright Go can improve your health and have positive effects to your confidence.

There are two Upright device – the Upright Go ($149.95) and Upright Pro ($199.95).

Upright Go can be worn all day thanks its thin and unobtrusive design and can detect your postural nuances and vibrate or send a notification to your smartphone when it detects the user is slouching.

The companion app allows wearers to set 15-60-minute training goals and unlock daily goals.


Users can also place Upright Go into Tracking Mode where it can record your posture throughout the day without vibrating.

Upright Pro can be attached to your upper or lower back with multiple sensors to detect slouching whether you’re standing or sitting.


The device can also help users improve their core strength and muscle memory in short training periods and has a 10-hour battery life.

The Upright Go ($149.95) and Upright Pro ($199.95 are available now from Apple Stores and Officeworks.