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See how Samsung’s new Dolby Atmos system can surround you with sound


If you want to enjoy a cinematic experience at home that includes the latest Dolby Atmos technology then take a look at the new Samsung HW-K950 audio solution that will surround you with sound.

The Samsung system – made up of a soundbar, two wireless speakers and a subwoofer – can deliver a 5.1.4 channels which includes sounds that appears to come from above the viewer.

Dolby Atmos, available as one of the soundtracks on the latest blockbuster movies on Blu-ray and 4K UHD disc, can deliver the five regular channels (front left, centre, front right, right rear and left rear) along with the subwoofer which are on the same level as the viewer.

The additional sound – the .4 in the 5.1.4 channel arrangement in this situation – comes from above.

High-end theatre owners go to the trouble of installing speakers in the ceiling to enjoy this effect.


But with Samsung’s HW-K950 system it’s a lot easier – and cheaper – to set up while still hearing remarkable results.

There are 15 speakers in total in the system with two on the soundbar and the two rear speakers firing up at the ceiling and reflecting down on the viewer.

The effect is a multi-dimensional sound that puts you right in the centre of the action.


Also onboard the Samsung system is proprietary Surround Sound Expansion Plus technology that can upconvert content to 5.1.4 channels and adding the overhead sounds.

The Samsung HW-K950 audio system was tested and tuned at the Samsung’s state of the art audio labs in Valencia, just outside Los Angeles.

Tech Guide sat down to hear the system and we were blown away by the sound quality and the Dolby Atmos 3D sound effects.

Sound was coming from all directions weather it was the sounds of a forest or a helicopter flying overhead and really added to the immersive experience of the movie.

The rear speakers and subwoofer connect wirelessly to the front soundbar which sits just in front of your TV so there is no need to snake cables around the room.


All you need for the subwoofer and rear speakers are power connections.

Also onboard the Samsung system is 4K pass through which means you enjoy great audio quality and video quality as well by connecting your 4K source like a 4K UHD Blu-ray player through the unit.

You’ll also find built-in Bluetooth onboard so you can connect your mobile devices and stream your music through the system.

The Samsung HW-K950 will be released in Australia in the coming weeks. Pricing is expected to be announced closer to the launch date.