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SanDisk launches USB-C flash drive to support the growing number of compatible devices

Your concept of a USB connection is changing with more devices adopting USB-C including laptops, tablets and smartphones and SanDisk has responded with a new USB-C Flash Drive.

This comes at a time when the number of USB-C supported devices released in 2016 will increase dramatically.

And just as customers will be purchasing products with this new, more advanced USB standard, SanDisk is offering these new flash drives to complete ecosystem of compatible products.

The SanDisk Ultra USB-C Flash Drive will offer the same capabilities they’ve come to expect from traditional ports, but with the added benefit of better performance.

The drive delivers faster connectivity of up to 150MB/s to transfer their music, photos and videos between devices.


And apart from the increased speed, USB-C is also reversible so you’ll never plug it in upside down like a regular USC connector.

By 2020, it is expected about 44 per cent of all smartphones sold worldwide will include a USB-C connector – the equivalent of 800 per cent growth over the next four years.

The flash drive also works with the SanDisk Memory Zone app for Android which gives users an easy way to back up their content.

The SanDisk USB-C Ultra Drive comes in capacities of 16GB ($16.95), 32GB ($24.95), 64GB ($39.95) and 128GB ($69.95).