Modern technology gives us many things.

Samsung’s research examines our home life and the changing role of appliances

Samsung Australia has just completed study about the common behaviours and attitudes towards cooking, housework and other household chores and the changing role of appliances.

Australians@HOME 2.0 is the result of detailed research on how we conduct our home life and shows we are preparing more meals at home, dining out  less and ordering takeaway  less frequently.

But surprisingly, despite our desire to eat fresh food, our food wastage is on the rise.

Larger households have nearly doubled food wastage to more than $2,200 worth of uneaten food every year compared to $1,280 in 2015.

Most Australians (70 per cent) to multiple shops per week with more than half (51 per cent) thinking this will help them reduce food wastage

“Australians@HOME 2.0 revealed that generally Australians think they are wasting significant amounts of food each week,” said Caroline Morgan, Head of Insights and Innovation, Samsung Electronics Australia.

“We have the best of intentions to prepare and eat fresh food – so much so that we are shopping several times a week, but poor planning, poor storage and inefficient appliances are contributing to this food wastage,” she added.


Samsung’s research also takes into account the role of home appliances in helping Australian families solve these problems.

Samsung is looking to increase its range of connected and smart home appliances to make it easier for Australians to manage food as well as household chores from their smartphone.

The 2017 study found Australians are interested in technology that will help them manage their groceries.

In fact, 72 per cent expressed interest in a fridge that could notify them when food is close to its use by date or when it needs to be replenished (67 per cent).

Australian households, according to the research, also have a gender slant when it comes to housework with 78 per cent of Australian women doing laundry most often themselves compared to less than 50 per cent of Australian men.

But while chores are not among our favourite things, only 2 per cent bringing outside help yet 75 per cent of respondents said they wanted their home appliances to help them make managing their chores easier.

“The pressures and demands of day-to-day life are constantly changing around us and can vary across households. It’s immensely important for Samsung to understand how our technology can support the evolving needs of the home, as well as select, calibrate and design product features for Australia,” said Jeremy Senior, Director Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics Australia.

“The 2017 research has given us further insight into how we as a nation are living and has shown how home appliances and technology can help play a role in supporting Australian lives,” he concluded.

Australians love fresh home-cooked food with 69 per cent saying it’s important to cook with fresh ingredients.

Samsung’s report also revealed families with kids value cooking and eating together.

The research around household chores found Australians dislike cleaning the bathroom (39 per cent), and dusting (36 per cent) yet 84 per cent don’t mind washing clothes with 17 per cent actually admitting that they enjoy it.

On the vacuuming side, 28 per cent of Australians dislike it with 29 per cent vacuuming multiple times a week and 20 per cent owning multiple vacuum cleaners.

Here are Samsung’s range of smart home appliances:



Samsung Family Hub SRF670BFH – RRP $7,499

– Woolworths Shopping App In-built cameras*

– Google and Outlook Calendar Sync through STICKI Board App

– Recipe, Photo Album, Pandora Music, Food Reminder Applications

– Black Layered Steel Finish

– 5x Tempered Glass Shelves

– Automatic Ice Maker

– Multi Flow & No Frost Technology

– Egg Tray Included

– 6x Door Pockets

– LCD display panel

– Triple & Metal Cooling

– 4th Door Smart Freezer – Convert to Fridge

– Counter Depth Design

– Digital Inverter Compressor – 10 Year Parts Warranty


Samsung Layered Steel Flat Door French Door SRF644CDLS – RRP $4,699

– Smart Flexible Entertainer’s Drawer

– Separate cooling systems with Twin Cooling Plus

– Auto-fill water jug with infuser

– Sleek Flat Design in Layered Steel Finish



Samsung POWERbot Pro SR10M7030WW – RRP $799

– Real Suction 1.0

– Edge Clean Master

– Slim Design – 9.7cm Height

– Up to 60 mins run time

– 240 min Charge Time

– Point Cleaning (Remote Control Included)

– Visionary Mapping Plus

– Cyclone Force Chamber System

– Wi-Fi – Smart Home Connectivity

Samsung POWERbot Plus SR20M7070WS – RRP $999

– Real Suction 2.0

– Edge Clean Master

– Self Cleaning Brush

– Slim Design – 9.7cm Height

– Up to 90 mins run time

– 160 min Charge Time

– Point Cleaning (Remote Control Included)

– Visionary Mapping Plus

– Cyclone Force Chamber System

– Wi-Fi – Smart Home Connectivity

– Daily Scheduling



Samsung 13Kg Activ DualWash Washer WA13M8700GV – RRP $1,899

– XL 13Kg capacity

– Activ DualWash Sink

– Mid Control Touch Panel

– Built-in Heater


Samsung 11Kg AddWash Washer WW11K8412OW – RRP $1,999

– AddWash Function

– Wi-Fi Connectivity

– 15 Minute Quick Wash


Samsung 8.5kg AddWash washer/dryer combo WD85K6410OW – RRP$1,699 (available at Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi only)

– AddWash Function

– SuperSpeed Technology

– Built-In 6kg Dryer

– AirWash refresh mode