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Why Samsung’s QLED TV anti-glare technology suits our Australian homes

The post was sponsored by Samsung

When it comes to buying TVs we normally look for size, design, picture quality and connectivity. But Samsung’s latest QLED TVs offer another feature that will suit Australian viewers – anti-glare technology.

And that technology was actually inspired by the humble moth. More about that in a minute.

As Australians, we live on the sunniest continent in the world and our homes are designed to take advantage of that fact and let in a lot of light and warmth.

Compared to the rest of the world, we have quite a high ambient light level in our homes.

We’re not only the lucky country, we’re also the sunny country.

But that’s not the best environment for watching a big-screen television with glare and reflection virtually blanking out the screen.


This isn’t something customers usually think about in the store when their shopping for a new TV.

In the store, the television is displayed in a controlled environment without too much light hitting the screen.


But take that same screen, that might look great in the store, and place it in your home in bright sunlight and the result might be a totally different story.

That’s not an issue with the Samsung’s QLED TVs which contain remarkable antiglare technology that actually mimics the structure of a moth’s eyes.

They have nano-sized bumps and grooves which make it possible for the moth to absorb light but also evade its predators.

Samsung replicates this in its QLED TVs by inserting a layer of the panel which is coated with these tiny uniform bumps, just like a moth’s eyes.


This helps absorb or redirect and external light that hits the screen and minimise the glare and reflection that can detract from the image.

Sure, you can draw curtains in the room to make it a little darker or just restrict yourself to night-time viewing.

But that’s not what we want. We want to be able to watch the football and the cricket and Netflix whenever we want whether it’s a sunny day or not.


If you take a look at the comparison of a conventional TV beside the Samsung QLED TV you will notice an obvious difference in the way the light hits the screen and is reflected.

With the Samsung QLED TV the built-in antiglare technology will allow you to enjoy incredible picture quality even in in the brightest room in your house.

The post was sponsored by Samsung