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How Samsung’s The Frame TV can turn your home into an art gallery

This post was sponsored by Samsung

Samsung has reimagined the television and turned it into a work of art. The Frame is a TV one minute and a work of art the next and blends seamlessly into your home is decor like never before.

Now customers can mount a Samsung 4K UHD TV on the wall and enjoy stunning picture quality and colour.

And when they’re finished watching TV, they can turn it into a beautiful artwork with a range of paintings, prints and photos to suit your taste and style.

The Frame, available in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes, includes a gallery of 100 professionally curated pieces worth thousands of dollars for free.

Users can also upload and display their favourite personal photos on The Frame as well.

It is also possible to buy individual art pieces or subscribe to a growing library of established and emerging artists’ work.

So not only are you getting an amazing TV but also an art gallery as well.


Users can choose from landscapes, patterns, still life, digital art, urban abstract, Australian art, architecture, drawing and wildlife.

Artists have specifically selected works where the digital version will look as good as the real thing.

Each artwork is meticulously scanned in ultra-high definition to ensure the detail, colour and depth are accurate.

It’s also possible to customise the presentation of your artwork on The Frame with a shadowbox, matte layout, modern layout, panorama and squares.


From the companion app, it is easy for users to find, update and view artwork from their smartphone.

The Frame includes a light sensor which can detect the ambient lighting conditions and adjust the colour and brightness settings so your art will always look its best no matter what time of the day or night.

Also on board is a motion sensor which can detect your presence to turn the screen on so you can enjoy your favourite artworks.

The Frame TV can also detect when you leave the room and turn off the TV to save energy.


The Samsung Frame TV is customisable with a range of different frame colours to choose from to suit your decor and complement your home.

Each frame edge attaches to the TV magnetically so you can easily swap them out for another colour.

The Frame TV is mounted on the wall like a picture frame and is flush to the wall thanks to Samsung’s No Gap Wall Mount which is included with the television.

Customers can also opt for the Studio Stand if they choose not to mount the television.


And there are no unsightly cables thanks to the Invisible Connection cable which can barely be seen as it links the screen to the One Connect Box which links all of your sources.

The Frame has everything you’d expect from a Samsung Smart TV including Internet connectivity and access to streaming services like Netflix, Stan and much more.

You can control it all with the Samsung OneRemote which can not only control the TV but also your connected devices like set-top boxes, Blu-Ray disc players and soundbars.


The Frame TV by Samsung is available now from Harvey Norman and David Jones and is priced at $3,299 (55-inch) and $4699 (65-inch).

This post was sponsored by Samsung