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Samsung links with Woolworths so you can now shop from your fridge


Samsung has partnered with Woolworths in an Australian first to make it possible do your grocery shopping right from a connected smart refrigerator’s screen.

And one of those fridges is the new Samsung Family Hub which includes a 21.5-inch LCD touchscreen where you can connect to the internet, write notes for other family members, share calendars and display your digital photos.

Also onboard will be the Woolworths app which allows customers to create a shopping list which can be viewed on the fridge’s screen or on a compatible mobile device.

Then, when you’re ready, you can go ahead and order your groceries through the Woolworths app on the Samsung Family Hub screen.

The Woolworths app will be available in October.


But that’s not the limit to the 671 litre refrigerator’s features.

Inside the Samsung Family Hub are three cameras that capture an image every time the refrigerator’s door is open or closed.

And you can see these images on your mobile device when you are at the shops in case you need to check whether you need to buy milk or eggs or vegetables or anything else you usually store in your fridge.


From these images you can also drag food reminders to the item on the screen to let you know expiration dates so you know when things need to be used.

Instead of writing a note and holding it in place on the fridge with a magnet, you can write notes directly on the screen’s whiteboard on the Samsung Family Hub or via your smartphone to post on the display.


It’s also possible to share multiple calendars so you know what the whole family is up to and also display photos on the screen instead of trying to find room for real photos with a fridge magnet.

On the entertainment side you can also listen to Pandora or TuneIn Radio while you’re in the kitchen and even find out the weather or surf the web with the refrigerator’s browser.

The Samsung Family Hub includes a new FlexZone located in the bottom right part of the fridge which can switch between fridge and freezer mode depending on your needs.


The refrigerator includes a Triple Cooling system which maintains even humidity levels for more accurate temperature calibration.

The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator (model SRF670HB) is available in black stainless steel and priced at $7,499.