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Samsung launches FlexWash and Family Hub 2.0 smart refrigerator

Samsung has launched the FlexWash – a smart all-on-one washing machine that makes it easier for busy households to save time with their laundry – and its latest edition of the Family Hub smart refrigerators.


The wi-fi enabled FlexWash has both a top and front load washing machine – so families can do two separate loads at once.

And the front loader includes Samsung’s popular AddWash door so you can add those items you forgot without interrupting the cycle.

The top washing machine has 2.5kg capacity for washing delicates and smaller loads while the front load has a 16kg capacity for larger family washes.

The FlexWash has Smart Wi-Fi onboard can also be used to start, stop and change the cycle from your smartphone.

On average an Australian household does five loads of washing per week three in four separating their delicates from the main wash with a third separating and washing delicates by hand.

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The FlexWash allows users to save time by doing two washes at once.

It has an ergonomic design so both washing machine are easy to reach to load and check on washes at a glance.

FlexWash is available now from Harvey Norman, The Good Guys and selected major retailers for $3,499


Samsung’s second edition of its Family Hub refrigerator has been introduced with two versions – a 671L French Door and a 634L Flat Door French Door – which allow Australians to keep their food fresh as well as order groceries and access content right from the fridge.

Family Communication has been enhanced with the Family Hub 2.0 and now includes a new interface with the ability to create up to six profiles.


The Samsung fridge has a 21.5-inch LED touchscreen which can act as your digital bulletin board so family members can share handwritten notes as well as photos and calendars.

It’s also easier to manage your food thanks to the cameras on the inside of the fridge so you can see what food items you need even when you’re at the shops.


Users can order groceries through the Family Hub 2.0 via the pre-installed Woolworths app directly from the fridge door and have them delivered to your doorstep.

On the entertainment side, the Family Hub 2.0 provides access to Spotify and TuneIn Radio app.
The Family Hub 2.0 is priced at $6,199 (634L Flat Door French Door) and $5,999 (671L French Door).