Modern technology gives us many things.

Sydney solar-powered housing development the first in Australia to offer buyers $0 electricity bills

A new property development in Sydney’s north shore by Metro Property Development will be the first in Australia to offer residents $0 electricity bills by integrating battery power into each of the homes.

The Nines will be made up of nine dwellings that will each include 3.6kWp solar system featuring 360w 20 per cent efficiency panels and a 7.5kWh sonnenBatterie to store the power produced, according to Natural Solar, Australia’s largest solar and battery installer.

This will completely power each of the three-storey three-bedroom homes which are selling from $2.626m.

And with the $0 power bills, residents are expected to save up to $283,000 on energy bills across the development during the 20-year battery life span.

That’s a saving for each home of $31,500 on power costs which works out at $1573 each year.

This amount will entirely offset the price of their power.

“Since the battery boom started in January 2016, we’ve seen high demand and interest in home energy storage solutions from residents on Sydney’s Lower North Shore,” says Chris Williams, CEO & Founder of Natural Solar.

“In this period, we’ve had more than 65,000 enquiries coming from this hub. We know our customers are motivated not only by the environmental benefits and reduced reliance on the grid, but also the opportunity to experience savings on their energy bill from the day they move into their new home.”

The battery that will be included with each dwelling within the development also have capabilities beyond just energy savings.

Each battery can integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other home automation devices using Z-wave technology making it the brain of each home.

The batteries are also smart enough to understand and react to factors including outdoor temperature, time of day and appliance use to maximise energy efficiency and power savings.

“We see this technology as the natural progression towards a wider electrification of the grid, in part due to anticipated uptake of electric vehicles,” Mr Williams says.

“The battery interface will grow and evolve with your home and its needs, with the ability to connect devices and applications as these are made available, much like customising the apps on your mobile phone.

“These will integrate household appliances to the battery, and will allow access to everything from electric vehicles, right through to basic electronics, such as your refrigerator.

“It’s a case of luxury meeting technology here at The Nines.

“When buyers are looking for bells and whistles, it’s not the unusable added extras.

In this current market, it translates to efficiency, independence, reliability, control and savings.

“The move to battery power for The Nines means it can be offered to its buyers in spades.”