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Heartbeat can make your solar system more efficient and increase energy savings

Homeowners who install solar panels and storage batteries obviously want to save or eliminate their energy bills and a new product called Heartbeat can make their rooftop solar system even more efficient and increase their energy savings.

Heartbeat is a small device developed by German company 1KOMMA5 and is designed to integrate the elements of your household energy system and manage them in one place.

The unit is fitted in your power box and linked to your solar panels and battery and your home network to allow you to keep track of your energy on a single platform.

Currently, things like battery storage, heating and cooling and even charging an electric vehicle are all done independently and don’t consider the amount of energy harvested from your solar panels or stored in your battery.

It can take all these systems, often provided by different manufacturers, and get them to work together efficiently to intelligently use the power gained through the solar panels.

Heartbeat uses your home’s Internet connection to link these devices together and provide a dashboard via the Heartbeat app that allows you to have a complete overview of your system along with full control.

At its heart, the device uses a self-learning algorithm and weather forecasts to understand your level of solar energy production and how it can be utilised in your home.

The heartbeat platform also uses artificial intelligence to then work out the best times to charge and power your devices and even the ideal time to charge your EV.

Heartbeat offers customers the opportunity of prioritising the charging of various devices in their home including the solar battery itself, their electric vehicle, the air conditioner or the heat pump.

Energy prices are increasing and various weather events and issues are threatening our energy supply but the Heartbeat system can manage a household energy supply wisely and efficiently and even send excess power back to the grid.

Early customers are already seeing the results.

One household Installed Heartbeat to manage their systems and have saved $406 over 12 months.

Heartbeat is available to Australian customers who install selected solar and battery packages through Natural Solar.