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What we really think about having inflight wi-fi


Inflight wi-fi has already taken off but just how many people want to use it?  New research has revealed our true feelings about being connected to the Internet while we fly.

A study by comparison site conducted among more than 2000 people, gauged the interest for on-board connectivity –  with surprising results.

A survey showed 44 per cent of respondents either don’t like inflight wi-fi on domestic flights or simply don’t care.

It revealed that 19 per cent didn’t like the idea of inflight wi-fi while 25 per cent didn’t have an opinion either way.

Those opposed to the idea welcomed the peace and quiet of not being connected during their flight.

Others had issues with the wireless connection being used with poor intentions while others didn’t want to listen to other people talking on the phone aboard the aircraft.

The top reasons why Australians would want to be connected in the air are communication,  productivity and keeping in touch via social media.

Generation Y, not surprisingly, were the biggest fans of inflight wi-fi (79 per cent) followed by Generation X (56 per cent) and baby boomers (31 per cent).

Top reasons for inflight Wi-Fi

– I’ll stay entertained with my own movies and TV shows

– I’ll keep in touch with friends and family via social media

– I’ll get more work done

– I’ll have the chance to Skype/voice call friends and family

Top reasons against inflight Wi-Fi

– I prefer to stay disconnected, it’s more peaceful

– I’m worried about it being used with ill intentions

– I’ll have to listen to other people on the phone/on Skype

– I’ll have to work on the flight (when travelling for work)