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Radar Pace smart eyewear is your voice-controlled virtual coaching system

We’ve seen plenty of activity trackers and wearables on the market than can track your steps and activity but the new Radar Pace smart eyewear is a real-time coaching system that will change the way athletes train.

Rader Pace was created in a collaboration between Luxottica’s glasses brand Oakley and Intel and the result of years of research and development.

Aimed at serious athletes, the Radar Pace smart eyewear look just a regular pair of Oakley glasses but, with help from Intel, there also sensors and a microphone onboard.

There also removable earphones so you can hear your music – and your instructions – while you’re running or riding.

The glasses feature Oakley’s Prizm lens technology which enhances helpful details like street signs, road markings and road textures.

Included with the Radar Pace are two Oakley lenses – one for use during the day and another clear lens which can be used in darker conditions.

Radar Pace responds to voice commands, powered by Intel’s Real Speech technology, so you can ask about your pace, your heartrate or anything related to your workout.

We saw the Radar Pace in action with three-time world ironman champion Craig Alexander who was talking to the smart eyewear while he was pounding out a run on a treadmill.


This means there’s no need to look at your phone’s screen to get that info – you can just concentrate on your training effort.

It also comes from the companion app which can store, display and analyze your data.

Radar Pace can collect your performance data like heartrate (when wearing a heartrate monitor), speed, pace, cadence, time and distance.


And because it works with your smartphone, you will also have GPS for added accuracy and to map your ride or run.

But the real power of Radar Pace is in the coaching.

Whether you’re an elite athlete, someone who wants to hit a fitness goal or just stay in shape – the encouragement and support from a coach can make a world of difference.

Three-time world ironman champion Craig Alexander
Three-time world ironman champion Craig Alexander using the Radar Pace

With Radar Pace your virtual coach is there every step of the way and can even create a training program for you.

You might be planning to run a marathon or half-marathon or want to try your hand at the City to Surf or other fun run and Radar Pace can tailor your training to get you in peak shape for the event.

Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech wearing the Radar Pace smart eyewear
Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech wearing the Radar Pace smart eyewear

All you need to do is enter the date of the race and the app will look at your calendar and schedule training sessions for you and work around your appointments.


As an all-in-one activity tracker, voice controlled devices and virtual coach, the Radar Pace is at the head of the pack.

The Radar Pace – made in partnership with Oakley and Intel – is available now and is priced at $589.95. You can order them here.