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Power up your devices wirelessly with DuPont’s new Corian charging surfaces

Charging our devices usually involves fighting over a power point and navigating a mess of cables but not anymore thanks to new charging Corian charging surfaces for the home from DuPont.

Imagine being able to just place your mobile device on the kitchen counter, in the bathroom, the bedroom or the desk in your office and be able wirelessly recharge it.

Charging will no longer involve finding a power point and looking for a charger with the Corian surface which incorporates induction charging.

It works through a transmitter that sits below charging areas on the surface that transfers energy wirelessly to a receiver within or attached to your device.

Some Android devices including Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones have this receiver built-in.

iPhone users will need to attach a small receiver through the Lightning port to be charged in this way on the Corian surface.


And the product is also smart and cut off the supply of power when it detects your device is fully charged.

It can be used in busy areas of your home or in hospitality areas.


Tech Guide has seen this technology used in the US including in some Starbucks cafes.

The wireless charging offered by the DuPont Corian surface charges devices at about the same speed as a wired connection.

Devices without power receivers built in can be charged with an adaptor
Devices without power receivers built in can be charged with an adaptor

You can still use your phone while it’s charging and you can only power one device per charging spot.

To set up the charging solution in your home or office you need to select a Corian surface colour, decided where you’d like to locate the charging spots and contact a qualified DuPont Corian fabricator for installation.