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Plantronics unveils new range of Bluetooth earphones and headphones

Plantronics, a company that’s been in the wireless audio business for decades, has just unveiled its latest range of Bluetooth earphones and noise cancelling headphones that meet the needs of the modern customer.

Plantronics is already a big player in the mobile communication business with its Bluetooth headset and in the gaming arena with its gaming headphones.

Mobile entertainment – including these latest Bluetooth earphones and headphones – are the third pillar of the company’s business.

With Apple removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, there has never been more focus on Bluetooth products.

In fact, it is almost 20 years since Dr Jaap Haartsen applied for the first patent for Bluetooth.

He is considered the “father of Bluetooth” and is actually a senior wireless expert employed with – you guessed it – Plantronics.

There are three styles of headphones Plantronics focuses on – discreet (in-ear headphones), fitness (sweat and waterproof earphones) and immersive (noise cancelling headphones) and these latest products fit into those categories.


BACKBEAT FIT – $179.99

These flexible earphones fit over your ears and around the back of your neck and offer wireless freedom at the most convenient time – while you’re exercising.

They have an IP57 rating which makes them sweat and waterproof and they are also made of durable material with reflective bands so you can easily be seen on the road.

The BackBeat Fit have an 8-hour battery life and have a fast charging feature that will provide an hour of use after just 15 minutes of charging.

BackBeat FIT Family Linear

Also included are non-occluding eartips which means you can still hear the outside world while you’re running, walking or cycling.

They also work with the Plantronics app to enable over the air software updates and easy switching between devices.

BackBeat FIT Powder Blue Climber

The BackBeat Fit earphones are available in power blue, sport grey, fit fuchsia with new colours for 2017 to include black core and stealth green.


The BackBeat Pro 2 noise cancelling headphones have had a significant redesign so they sound and look better than the previous model.

They are 35 per cent smaller and also 15 per cent lighter and feature a slick woodgrain finish along with soft memory foam earcups.

BackBeat PRO2 Black Hero

The design of this year’s model looks a lot less industrial yet still retains all of its external controls for your music and to handle your calls.

These headphones provide active noise cancellation but have a handy Open Mic feature so you can control the amount of noise you can hear from the outside world.

With 40mm drivers on board, the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 earphones have full frequency range for all genres of music.

BackBeat PRO2 Black Detail

Sensor technology aboard the headphones can detect when you take them off your head and automatically pause your music and then restart your music when they are placed back on your ears.

Also under the hood is Class 1 Bluetooth which means they stretch a lot further than the regular 10m range to up to 100m.

Plantronics will also release a BackBeat Pro 2 Special Edition next year for $349 which includes NFC (near field communication) and a travel case.


The Plantronics BackBeat Fit and BackBeat Pro 2 are available now.

Stay tuned to Tech Guide for a complete review of each of these Plantronics headphones.