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Panasonic enters multi-room market with new wireless speakers


Panasonic has entered the wireless speaker market with its new multi-room systems that allow music to be streamed from several sources.

The ALL series of wireless speakers include a new AllPlay smart media platform developed by Qualcomm – the same company that produces processors for the latest smartphones.

Having this technology on board mean users can play music from various sources to multiple rooms.

The models include the SC-ALL8 ($479) and the SC-ALL3 ($379) which can be set up and controlled with an iOS or Android app.

The Panasonic ALL speakers have oval-shaped sides and a two-way layout design so they can be placed horizontally or vertically and positioned anywhere in the home. The speakers can also be wall-mounted.

Under the hood the speakers have LincsD-Amp noise-shaping technology to provide an even greater frequency range.

XBS Master can also supply solid bass while Multi Gain Control eliminates distortion so the end result is a smooth and clear sound.


For multi-room operation the speakers need to be connected to the SH-ALL1C Network Audio Connector which has an onboard High Class 192-kHz/24-bit Digital-To-Analogue Converter (DAC) to eliminate sound quality degradation of the wireless signal from your source.

The SC-ALL8 has a five-speaker system onboard with a Nano Bamboo Double Layer for the Mica 4 -3/4-inch subwoofer and tweeter.

The SC-ALL3 has a four-speaker set up with a similar bamboo structure – a material rigid enough to optimise the sounds at all levels.

There are two main modes of playback with the ALL speakers.


Party Mode allows all of the speakers to play the same music as one no matter what room they happen to be positioned.

Multi Zone is the choice for users in the household to play their own music on the speakers in the different rooms of the home.

The dedicated Panasonic Music Streaming app gives users full control of the ALL speaker systems in their home no matter which listening mode or music source is chosen.

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