Modern technology gives us many things.

Oral-B Genius has built-in sensors to make sure you brush your teeth properly


The electric toothbrush has become more intelligent than ever with the release of the Oral-B Genius which naturally includes Bluetooth and a companion app to help you take better care of your teeth.

But the breakout new feature of the Oral-B Genius is the Position Detection technology which works like a GPS system for your mouth.

It uses the toothbrush’s built-in motion sensors and video recognition using your smartphone’s camera and it’s all tracked through the Oral-B app.

This ensures that users cover all areas of their mouth without missing a zone as well as cleaning for a dentist-recommended two minutes.

The Oral-B Genius has an oscillating, pulsating and rotating brush head to give your teeth a great clean.

Tech Guide has been using the Oral-B Genius and we found it’s the most thorough way you can clean your teeth and maintain your oral health.

Dentists have lamented the fact that patients are not brushing their teeth correctly even when they think they are.


They are either pressing too hard or not brushing long enough.

The Oral-B Genius helps users brush for the right amount of time, without pressing too hard and covers all of the areas of their mouth.

Here’s how it does it:


The Oral-B Genius can recognise different areas of your mouth using built-in sensors so you can be sure to never miss a zone of your mouth.

And this can all be tracked through the Oral-B app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Oral-B’s research has revealed 80 per cent of people don’t spend enough time brushing at least one zone in their mouth and 60 per cent don’t brush their back molars at all.

Using the Oral B Genius and the Oral-B App 4.1 you can see where you’ve brushed and where you need to brush.


Brushing too hard is a problem and the Oral-B Genius provides visual indicators when you’re applying too much pressure and automatically slows down the brush head.


When it comes to brushing it is all about quality and not quantity – in other words, it’s not always about how long you brush but how well you brush.

But the combination of the Oral-B Genius and the app means you are brushing long enough and well enough.

Oral-B users brush on average for two minutes and 27 seconds while manual brushers average less than a minute.



There are six different brushing modes with the Oral-B Genius to meet your needs. These include: daily clean, deep clean, sensitive, whitening, gum massage and tongue clean.

The Oral-B Genius provides a complete package to help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

It comes with a smart travel case that includes a USB port so it can charge your smartphone and the toothbrush at the same time.

Also included is a smartphone holder that can stick to a mirror and position your smartphone so it can be used with the Position Detection technology while you’re brushing.

The onboard lithium ion battery has enough power to power 12 days of brushing before recharging.

The Oral-B Genius is available now from The Shaver Shop and is priced at $369. It will be available more widely from March 2017 from leading electrical retailers and department stores.