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Optus to rollout high-speed 5G internet access to homes and businesses next year


Optus has announced it will roll out 5G technology in Australia with the introduction of a fixed wireless product for major metropolitan networks following a successful trial that achieved speeds of up to 2Gbps.

The product could be used as a fixed wireless device to provide high-speed internet in your home or business.

“People have been hearing about 5G for some time, and there is pent up expectation, but to date a lot of the talk has been highly theoretical,” says Optus managing director of networks, Dennis Wong.

“Everyone has heard of concepts like self-driving cars, smart homes, AI and virtual reality however their full potential will require a fast and reliable network to deliver,” he said.

“Seeing 5G data speeds through our trial that are up to 15x faster than current technologies allows us to show the potential of this transformative technology to support a new eco-system of connected devices. in the home, the office, the paddock and in the wider community.

“This is a technology and future we at Optus are extremely passionate about. This successful trial is a historical milestone in Optus’ journey to 5G.

“When developing and testing new technologies, end customer experience remains our top priority.

“By successfully testing commercial grade customer equipment, we’re able to pave the way for Optus to begin testing 5G technologies from a consumer perspective.

“We continue to be involved in the fine tuning of the customer equipment with our partner – Huawei, to ensure that the equipment meets the standards as they are being endorsed.”

During the trial both C-band and mmWave were included because these are considered superior bands for 5G connectivity.

Dennis Wong from Optus with the 5G fixed wireless devices

Optus will also be hosting a 5G technology showcase during the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast which will allow visitor to Broadbeach experience the speeds for themselves.

Optus has been working on its 5G rollout since 2016 and has since achieved key milestones including the launch of 4.5G in 2017.

The Optus 4G LTE network covers more than 96.5 per cent of the population.

Telstra will also have an innovation centre at the Commonwealth Games which kick off in April to demonstrate its next generation 5G technologies.

Telstra is also looking to rollout 5G to its customers next year.