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Optus commits $1bn to improve its network across regional Australia


If you’re Optus customer living in the country, there is some huge news. Optus has announced it will spend more than $1 billion to improve its mobile network across regional Australia.

Optus expects the expansion will be completed by June 2018 with the company set to build 500 new mobile sites across rural and remote parts of the country.

These will include 114 sites under the Federal Government’s Mobile Blackspots Program.

This billion-dollar project will increase 4G capacity to more than 200 sites to increase the speed and efficiency of the Optus network.

This move is a massive shot across the bow for rivals Telstra and Vodafone as Optus tries to capture a larger share of customers in regional areas.

Telstra has the lead with coverage in many remote and country areas.

But Optus is willing to spend more than billion dollars to strengthen its network and expand its customer base Australia-wide.

“This represents one of the single largest investments in regional mobile infrastructure in Australia’s history,” sad Optus CEO Allan Lew.


“Optus’ funding is earmarked to expand coverage and improve overall network performance for residents, businesses, and our wholesale partners. It will also help build the network resilience that is critical to supporting public safety and emergency services during natural disasters.

“Optus is building out its mobile network in the places where people live, work and travel to ensure they can lead a vibrant online life. Importantly, we are densifying the mobile network to provide better download speeds for data-hungry applications such as video streaming.”

“Regional communities rely on a strong mobile network to support their key industries, and to deliver critical services like health care and education.

“Through this investment, Optus will help propel regional businesses into national and international markets by providing network reliability; high speed connectivity; and advanced technologies such as cloud and cyber security services that industries need to thrive and grow.”

Optus is also expanding its regional footprint by investing $4.5m in Tamworth and the surrounding areas where 16 sites will be built in Calala, Tamworth CBD, East Piper Street, Emerald Hill, Carroll, Curlewis, Gunnedah, Tamworth/Oxley Vale, Attunga, Duri, Hallsville, Piallamore, Moonbi, Barraba Central, Bendemeer and Kingswood. Nine sites will be built with the help of another carrier.

Below is a list of the areas in each state which will be improved in the Optus mobile network investment program: